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Do you use a wired telephone? If so far, why?
I see a couple of possible reasons:
1) the ability to get a relatively affordable unlimited calls to wired phones in the same city;
2) the presence in the house of older family members for whom the use of a mobile phone (including special) is difficult.

There is also a third: with a wired telephone, a short city number is always provided, while on mobile this service is available only at an additional cost. But if they call you mainly from mobile phones, your number is still not dialed every time, choosing it from the phone book or the list of recent calls instead, so its length is not so relevant.
Meanwhile, a subscriber for a wired phone canbe 200-400 rubles, regardless of the number of minutes used. Installing the phone can easily cost a couple of thousand rubles. Also (in the case of new apartments) it is necessary to drill the wall and pull another cable. In general, if you do not call many other cities, this can be much less profitable than a mobile tariff without a monthly fee, paying only for the minutes used (and free of charge). And in general, the competition between cellular operators is much tougher than between wireline ones, prices are constantly decreasing, you can always find a profitable option with low cost of calls, packages of cheap minutes, various bonuses, etc.
This box allows you to connect the usualwired phone in the GSM network. The phone is plugged into the Phone jack on it, the SIM card of any operator is also inserted into it, after which the connected phone can be used in the same way as an ordinary one: pick up the phone, hear the beep, dial the number, wait for the connection and talk. Thus, calling “by mobile” (GSM network) is now available to absolutely everyone, which means that the second reason listed above is removed.
Considering the specifics of calls in the cellular network - the numberthe subscriber is first entered entirely in the device’s memory, and the connection attempt begins after - you must inform the device in one way or another that you have finished dialing and you can start dialing. By default, this happens after four seconds of inactivity when typing. In the settings you can change this value from 1 to 99 seconds. Also, dialing starts immediately if you press # at the end of the dialing (sobss but it seems to me more convenient than waiting for 4 seconds).
The rest of the differences with a wired connection is notIt is noticed, well, maybe the connection is established for a couple of seconds longer. Audibility is good, the network keeps excellent. When an incoming call, the phone rings as usual, it remains to just pick up the phone and start a conversation.
P.S .: device models exist enough, including those with a display, on which you can receive and read SMS. Also have landline phones with integrated GSM support.