How much about him just is not written =)
I will highlight this model, this supplier because of the presence of a GPS module.
Immediately make a reservation that I do not have any nishtyakov for this, but I am writing in good faith.
So here. Before us is the original Hero 2000.
The case does not play, the touch is very responsive.
The price is ridiculous.

Onboard Android 2.2. The birds slow down a bit, but the rest of the games work great.
Skype could not be installed. In general, this is predictable, because no china phone except the 3G model (not to be confused with 3G modems and others) can work with the original client and cannot make video connections.
Solution: I installed Truphone and spoke on Skype without any problems =)
Sims 3 games with sophisticated graphics didn't go either.
TV works without problems, the radio is even better than on my rovermedia player.
GPS is working (I can’t say anything more, well, it works and works
The waffle clings quickly, finds the points well, comparable to the HP Pro laptop.
The weak point of the battery ... There are two in the kit. In principle, if you do not force the battery and take care of it for 1-2 days, it is quietly enough.
The sound is like on ordinary Chinese, on 3-ku, but I think that this is not the main thing.
The design is an exact copy of the Iphone 4, even the logo of the robot on the cover looks nicer. Say that this is a china phone no one took until he told.
He took a little more expensive, now fell.
This is the best china phone I've ever seen.
For those who decide to get involved with Alibaba and a bunch of scammers:
About the seller.
The seller is adequate, almost 24 hours online. Very friendly and well aware that the Russian people need to "touch, turn, disassemble and assemble" before you buy. Answers questions quickly and on the topic. Knowledge of English good language.
If you order in another place, considerthat their 100,500 modifications. Ask for accurate photos, not those that are on the site. Please note that in the old models of SIM1 from the side, and in the new both under the battery. Also in old AGPS only.
I will answer questions with pleasure.
P.S. This is my first review. It is interesting to hear the comments.