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In this review, we will focus on the bag for the laptop.
I liked the bag, although there is some non-compliance with the stated characteristics.
Interesting? Read on.
I once wanted a bag for a new 15.6 "nouta. I rushed through the local shops in search of this thing and was despondent. In the off-line stores, I found only one dull black-and-gray assortment of bags, and the prices were thoroughly upset, for my laptop it is cheaper than for 1500 rubles. I did not find a more or less decent bag, and she had a black color, which I didn’t particularly like for that kind of money.

I climbed on an alibaba and found a wonderful brightbag It was stated that for $ 33.68 (now it is $ 32), I will get a bag for as much as 17 "laptop. Decided to take. Bargained a bit and for $ 31 we agreed with the Chinese.
And here is the bag

What options does this bag have?
1) shoulder strap with a good pad and metal, good quality fittings.

2) the main pocket of the bag is zipped with two metal dogs, good quality

3) there are still two extra pockets outsidebags, the one that is smaller with a zipper with one dog, and the one that has more with a zipper with two dogs and in it there are additional pockets for pens and business cards.

4) also inside the bag (on the lid) there is one zippered pocket and one velcro pocket, they can be used for all sorts of papers.
5) there are good thick walls that protect the laptop from impacts and a good, fairly rigid end wall around the entire perimeter of the bag.
6) there is a handle for carrying.
7) on the back there is a strap for putting on the handle of the bag.
Photo device on the body

Now about the joint.
There is no question of pushing a 17 "laptop into the bag, since even my 15.6" got there almost in the butt, see photo below

And how is this represented by the seller

He probably has 14 "there is not a widescreen laptop))).
I shove the charger and mouse into a large pocket on the outside of the bag.
What did I get in the end?
I got a great bag for a 15.6 “widescreen laptop.
The quality of sewing at a very decent level. Generally resembles a good brand thing.
Corporate logo embroidered thread.
And of course, this price is a little less than 1000r. We have in magicians, for the money you can buy only a very mediocre bag for a small netbook.
Who is looking for a bag, take n-nn-hell definitely.
PS: by the way, this vendor has the same bag in black color only.