Hot star A8 android 3.6 inch Touch screen dual sim tv wifi smart phone A8 Free drop shipping

This phone came to me. Immediately I will say that I did not buy from this seller. And from whom he bought does not sell more / until this phone. It cost me $ 88.39 - $ 5.00 = $ 83.89.
The packaging was not very shock resistant. A paper bag, a crown box, a little pimpled film and a box with a phone.

I decided to first use the phone, and then write a review.
The phone works fine, but with smallbrakes. About a few minutes tupit after power on, but then everything works fine. Screens turn over. Do not slow down. The version of the android can be 2.2.1 (for me) or 2.2.2. RAM 190mb, resistive sensor
The phone has:
FM receiver
TV receiver
Games tested only Angry Berds and Angre BerdsRio. The first one is dull, but playable and the graphics have the feeling that the picture has stretched. Rio behaves much better. The graphics are good, slows down less. But both have interrupted sound during game loading.
The camera immediately says terrible. There is no focus. All images blurry are obtained.
The 1600 mAh battery is similar to nokia BL-4D, and so it is written on it.
Wifi works great. Finds all access points and connects, but only with reception the case is not very good at a distance of 2 meters from the router, the signal is already 50%. Weak antenna.
Headset input 3.5mm, but not every headset will work. The plug is slightly longer than the standard. When I tried to connect the headsets that were available - they only had the left speaker working (a lot of plastic near the connector).
Charging keeps a little more than a day when used during the day Wi-Fi and calls + SMS, and the night in standby mode.
Reflash this device did not work. For unknown reasons. On this phone there is a discussion on
And I think this phone works out its money by 100%, since I took it for calls and the Internet.
A photo

RAM - 49
CPU - 124
Numbers with floating dots - 9
2D graphics - 186
3D graphics - 61
I / O data - 50
Write to SD - 46 (4.6MB / s)
Reading from SD - 79 (7.9MB / s)
Photo from the camera phone


There will be questions, ask, I will try to answer all.
UPD: A 4gb card was inserted instead of 512mb and the test was repeated. As a result, the phone scored 604 points and it looks like the result of anton777
Screen 240x400 instead of the declared 320 × 480