And again they are EYKI watches.

Good day.
So I decided to make a contribution to writingreviews about the watch company EYKI. I had many hours, but basically they did not live long and happy. In addition to the latter (Orient CVDAE004W Light-Power), with which I still do not part. And I have nothing to compare except for them. For those who do not like to read, I can tell you right away.

On the nose was a new year and time to stockNew Year's gifts. As a gift, brother and it was decided to purchase this watch. With the thought that it will still break and take more expensive until it makes no sense, I paid for the purchase.
On the work of PR legends, one of whichI am pleased too. I don’t leave my opinion on this, as it’s not too cultural.)) I can only say that the other package ordered the same day, but sent later came before NG.
Clock migration

The seller promptly sent everything. Packed soundly. The watch in the box, the box in the pimple, it's all in the box wrapped in scotch tape.
But Russian Post still managed to leave its mark.

High-quality carton packaging. The clock on the pad, there is a tag and a business card shop. There was a film on the glass of the watch.

I almost forgot, the clock was in the bag. The kit also had a battery (what a care, a trifle, but nice). ))

The bezel is not mobile. Yes, and if you look shifted clockwise. In the dark, only arrows light up, making it difficult to accurately determine the time.

One more photo


In comparison with my orient.

The taste and color markers are different, but brother, and yeseveryone who saw them liked. The body material looks the same, or rather I will not say. By weight, the watch is lighter by 27 grams, which is a minus for me. I'm used to feeling the weight of the watch, which, coupled with the ordered metal bracelet (on the orient), will further increase the difference.
The eyki strap is tighter, but I liked it. It is made very high quality. The position of the time adjustment head is only one. To change the date you have to turn the hands until you reach the desired date. Moisture protection in eyki 30m against 100m on the orient.
Given the difference in the price category, roughly 400 rubles versus 4000, I can say that the watch fully justifies its price. Perhaps I'll order something from eyki for myself.
Good watch with a good design.
+ Price / quality
+ Easily replaceable strap.
+ Very quiet (you need to bring it to your ear and listen)
± Weight only 58g. For me, so a minus.
± Only arrows are lit. For me, not critical.
- Offset bezel.
P.S. Kota no. Review first. I am not a photographer, the phone is not a camera. ; D