iPazzPort 2.4G Mini Handheld Wireless Keyboard with IR Remote & Laser Pointer (KP-810-18R-RU)

A miniature RF (radio 2.4 GHz) keyboard with a built-in touchpad, an IR (IR) remote control for 2 devices and a laser pointer.
Conclusion for those who have no time to read the full text: an interesting, convenient and useful device; Recommended for purchase.
Purchase history

After a period of operation of the MiniX (a budget solution for turning an elderly LCD TV into a SmartTV), an understanding of the shortcomings of the resulting complex came:
a) the use of “lonely” regular remote control is not very convenient;
b) the old (removed from the "zagashnikov") rootless radio mouse too quickly kills the batteries and everything else has an insufficient radius of action;
c) poking the mouse into the virtual keyboard is somehow sad.
Therefore, it was decided to buy a set ofradio keys and radio mice. However, the search across the expanses of Chinese online stores led to more interesting devices: miniature keyboards with touchpads or trackballs. After studying the blogs MySKU (links at the end of the review) came the realization of another drawback of the complex:
d) it is completely inconvenient to keep several devices for controlling the TV and MiniX (2 remote controls, keyboard, mouse) “at hand”.
The search was updated and (oh, a miracle !!!) a number of devices were found, in which the IR remote control (all-in-one) was also added to the keyboard and touchpad / trackball. The device with the design I liked was rejected by the younger son: “Without a Russian layout, the keyboard is not needed - how will the mother look for her favorite TV shows?”. Discussions in the mentioned reviews suggested finding the master and making laser engraving on the keyboard for 300 rubles, but this was not very encouraging. And then suddenly it turned out that in China, as in Greece, “there is everything”: a device was found that has the Russian layout (like the other national ones on request) performed by the factory method. Despite the fact that the design of the device seemed to me not the most successful, it was decided to purchase it (played a role and the fact that at the time of purchase there was a discount and it cost $ 41.31). The order was immediately issued and paid.
Order was generated in 2 days and was deliveredby regular Chinese mail with a track to my post office 17 days after that (a good speed, but since at that time I was on vacation outside the homeland, the package was received 10 days later). The “native” keyboard box was wrapped in 2 layers of “pimply” film and tightly wrapped with yellow tape. In general, the device was perfectly protected from the active influence of the Post of Russia.

Packing and completeness
The keyboard is packed very well (suchbox is not ashamed to give). The keyboard itself in a plastic bag lies on a special box, under which are the other accessories and a battery packaged separately in a “pimple”.
- wireless keyboard;
- battery;
- USB transceiver (hiding in the case under the cover);
- USB cable for recharging;
- instruction.
The battery is quite a standard Li-Ion BL-4C 800 mAh. Looking ahead, I will say that after the first charge, the keyboard has been working for a week.
Workmanship - at a decent level; there was no desire to get the file.

The device has been unpacked; battery installed“In the belly”, and the transceiver, on the contrary, “from the belly” in the MiniX; the switch is set to “On” and ... the keyboard is working. To switch layouts has been set Russian Keyboard. A problem was discovered - the Enter key did not work, but a quick search on the Internet immediately produced a solution:
In the file /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl find the definition for
key 28
and change to
The buttons, though small, are quite comfortable even for my non-musical fingers; clicked with a noticeable click.
There is a switchable illumination of inscriptions (to the light) for comfortable control in a darkened room.
There were no problems with the touchpad, the cursorran on the screen, sensitively obeying the movement of a finger. It should be noted that the touchpad has two modes of operation (horizontal and vertical), which are quickly switched using the function keys. There is also a scroll area. Unfortunately, the size of the touchpad is very small, so in order to move the cursor from the left edge of the screen to the right (or vice versa), you have to move your finger 5-6 times in the opposite direction. In the "fruit ninja" will not play. On the front panel, to the right of the keyboard, there are 4 LEDs (indicating the process of charging, discharging, transmitting and turning on the CapsLock).
After that, an IR remote training was conducted forcontrol of the TV and MiniX, which didn't take long. There are a total of 11 buttons on the remote, but two of them are used to switch a set of commands (Set 1 / Set 2) and one to put the remote into learning mode, so for each set you can use 8 buttons (this is quite enough).
In the same place - the LED (s) indicating the inclusion of a set of 1/2 (blue / orange), learning and transmission of IR remote control.
I did not determine the maximum range of the device in RF and IR mode: it is clear that it is sufficient for my apartment.
After a certain time of inactivity, the keyboard and touchpad go into power saving mode (“fall asleep”) and return from it after clicking on AnyKey
Another function of the device - I do not need a laser pointer. I can't say anything about it (it shines for itself and shines, finishes to the neighboring house).

+ keyboard, touchpad, IR remote control for 2 devices (All-in-one)
+ Russification
+ standard battery
+ power saving mode
+ lettering lights
- small touchpad area (see above)
Total. For me (for me personally), the device is very convenient and useful: as a result of its symbiosis with a TV and MiniX, SmartTV was obtained with comfortable control. Recommended for purchase.
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