High-quality fake Swiss watches TAGHeuer Grand Carrera Pendulum

Verdict: take!
Immediately say that the photo - render. Real clocks are noticeably different (for the better).
And yet, I ordered them on December 30, 2011 for $ 77, they came in a month and a half. Now they are more expensive, as you can see. And for good reason.

This is a fake Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer, a series of Grand Carrera. The model is called "Pendulum " (Pendulum).

The peculiarity of the original watch (in addition to excellent design and performance) - instead of a spring there is a magnetic pendulum system. Here is an excerpt from the official site:
The year 2010 was marked by a new accomplishment of TAG Heuer: for the first time in history a new approach to the balance module was implemented. The designers replaced the traditional spiral of balance with magnets.
Of course, the Chinese still do not know how to do it and they made a fairly accurate copy of the watch, but with the usual spring spiral

Completion standard for fashion watches: watches, boxes, pads, thank-you notes and a bunch of pooled polyethylene.
Hours - like "skeletons", but in moderation. Completely their mechanism is not bare. Erotic
The weight of the watch is 122 grams, the sizes are rather large - this, from my point of view, is dignity. I used to carry heavy watches. For some, this would be a disadvantage.
Personally, I really liked it. Watches attract attention, and the quality of workmanship makes it possible to show watches close up without shame.

Unlike cheap Chinese watches, the casemachined by milling, not molded in the form. Hence the quality of the surfaces and the absence of burrs and blisters. All materials are made surprisingly qualitatively - there are no crookedly placed scratches, traces of glue, curved texts, uneven surfaces. There is nothing to complain about!
The photos will be noticeable that the glass is castin purple (now instead of blue arrows, they apparently make blue glass :)). I note that the glass itself is not at all blue - it is apparently covered with some material that gives such a glare.
Glass color

Glass color

For the first time I see such an attachment scheme, in the beginning I could not understand how to assemble it (came disassembled, with the fastener removed).


The strap is made of rubber. It would seem - ignoble material, steel would be more appropriate. But the strap design fits very well into the concept, and the watch with it looks whole.
The strap has holes (well, holes) that prevent the hand from misting up.
And attention! The strap smells like vanilla! Yes Yes! Scented rubber - Asian know-how
Accuracy of the course, of course, not "Switzerland", but quite satisfied. If you fail the clock every day, they will not let you down with accuracy - they rush for 1 minute per week.
Automatic winding, like the calendar - no.
Method of use: removed in the evening, put in a box. In the morning he put on, started, synchronized, went to work.
One more photo


In general, the clock is worth the money. For almost 3 months of use, the watch has not lost its presentation. Nothing has fallen off, nothing has faded. I am satisfied with the purchase.
All the holidays!