Key holder or wooden hooks

For those who like to create comfort and a special atmosphere at home. For those who are engaged in interior decor. For ALL who love their home
It will be a question of such insignificant, at first glance, trifles as a housekeeper. Although on the seller's site, this thing has the name of the hanger, wooden hooks. But this is someone who will use it.

I ordered this product as a housekeeper. And then forever you will not find the keys. And so came home, hung everything in one place and beauty.
The parcel to the city of Nashensky Vladivostok from China reached a standard three weeks. Packed as always fragile items in a bubble wrap.

By picking - the key house itself is wooden and 4 squares of 3 * 3 cm sticky double-sided tape.
In general, it looks like this:
main dimensions:
width of letters and substrate 0.5 cm

On my chosen model (on the seller’s website there are other variations) 3 plastic hooks fixed on the back side with screws (which are quite easily removed) The hook length is 2.5 cm.

It would be possible to stop at this, but ... But I just can’t be satisfied with just the boring a la tree, and the color doesn’t suit my interior. Therefore - our hands are not for boredom - finalized the housekeeper.
Below is the process of transformation.
1. Removed hooks

2. Sanding a little to create good adhesion (clever)

3. Ground surface in two layers with white acrylic paint, then covered with a third layer, giving a texture.

4. After drying, walked gray acrylic contour.

5. Screwed the hooks back and done.
It turned out that - .
(photo for clarity; moved to another place)
Thank you for your time!
Be creative and get up!