Chuangliangzhe Linz-shaped LED flashlight with adjustable focus

A small review of deshmansky LED flashlight.
Packing carton box:

Standard Kit:
- Lamp
- Lanyard
The flashlight is small. Aluminum alloy body, anodized.

A lens is used to focus light:

Also, using a moving head, the beam is focused:

There is a power button from the end of the handle,switches modes by single pressing without clicking, the button is protected by a rubber cap. The button is recessed into the case to prevent accidental pressing, there is also a lanyard opening:

Flashlight is easy to disassemble. The battery cover has a snap ring:

To get to the LED, you need to unscrew the decorative aluminum ring:

Then unscrew the retaining ring:

The aluminum radiator with a substrate has two sealing rings:

The plastic ring is pulled out with little effort, it presses the substrate to the base:

Thermal paste inside did not find:

The driver is located on the reverse side of the plus contact, did not pull out as the driver is compressed in the case.

Type of power flashlight Li-Ion 1 × 18650

Lantern dimensions:

Weight with battery is 130 grams
The flashlight has three modes of operation, of which one is a stroboscope. There is no memory mode.
At the minimum brightness strongly PWM-it:

At the maximum focus, the outline of the LED is clearly visible as a bright spot, although this is less noticeable in the photo.

Lantern consumption:



PWM at minimum:

At maximum, PWM is not:

Flashlight in hand:

At the minimum focus, the light is rather weak, it is also very bluish and unpleasant to the eye:

Bright spot at maximum focus:

Naturally beats on. But a small power, and the lens hides part of the luminous flux, and therefore the corresponding light:

A simple linzirovannaya LED flashlight with adjustable focal and overpriced.
Made, in principle, carefully, but the light is frankly weak, and the temperature is unpleasant to the eye.