Luxury Automatic Soap Dispenser TH-2000

Automatic soap dispenser TH-2000.
I decided to order home an automatic soap dispenser, so as not to suffer with these 300ml bottles, which are sold in stores.
Studied a lot of sites, and the site itselfaliexpress, and stopped at this product, as I visited the official website of this seller, and found a lot of interesting things, I also wanted to buy a bucket with an automatic lid along with this product.

I contacted the seller, he calculated the cost of the goods and delivery to me via EMS, and came out at $ 350 (with a bucket), it was unrealistically expensive.
For 2 dispensers with EMS delivery gave $ 156.00, now they are more expensive at $ 178.
Decided to order only these dispensers.
Came pretty quickly, in 17 days.
This dispenser is powered by 6 AAA batteries.
The volume of a tank for soap is 700 ml.
Excellent build quality, it opens from the key on top of the dispenser, such as in hotels, you just can’t get into the inside.
There are two types of fastening to the wall, through screws, and through double-sided tape.
- I decided not to perforate the wall and hung the dispenser on a double-sided tape (which was included). in 30 seconds The dispenser fell down, it turned out that the scotch was shitty.
I had to buy a car double-sided tape, which he stuck to death on the wall.
Minus: bad tape that comes.
Pros: excellent quality, fast delivery, and the price suited me.
Strictly I ask you not to judge, this is my first review of the goods.
A photo: