Wall clock "Pan"

Good day, my dear readers! This is my seventh review:) I hope you enjoy it
2.09 I made an order at the request of my mom to see the wall clock, sometimes the creative shines and the choice fell on the frying pan

Additional photos

We ordered a yellow watch and came in yellow (onthe kitchen has such a style), to be honest, very small ones would be a little bigger and it would be great at all
It was not necessary to fix the arrows a lot (there werecrooked and sat poorly on the rotation mechanism). The hands are made in the form of a knife (minute) and fork (hour), there is no second hand (it is clear that a third object was not invented).
Watches with the usual simple clockwork andone finger-type battery (AA, not included) :) Very light watches and the usual idea of ​​the pan ruins (but very well forged under it). The handle of the pan was inserted with difficulty (I had to wait until the man came into the house) and was inserted once and for all.
Dimensions: The diameter of the pan is 19 cm, the length together with the handle is 36 cm, the height is 4.5 cm (I think it was possible to make the pan a bit larger in diameter but less in height). The watches are broadcast by the hole on the handle and only weigh in an upright position (I would like it to be slightly tilted to the side).
This watch is an original gift
... and according to local traditions