Navy K610. Knife based on Spyderko. Two-faced Janus.

The next attack of the knife-barking was managed to be won by buying this EDC. And now I hasten to share my impressions with the same "sick" or simply interested.
At the Exactact of this model was not at the time of the attack(and I wanted to try on a knife with a Spideko-style design), so I went to Aliexpress to the seller I had already ordered (SRM-680 and Y-Start).

Way of the Samurai

Plain yellow Chinese package with pupae. Traces of the autopsy and shaved hair customs officer there. Inside the "branded" camouflage case in which the knife is embedded.

TTH products
Model: Navy K610
Overall length: 198 mm
Length when folded: 113 mm
Blade length: 88 mm
Blade material: steel 440С (58HRC)
The thickness of the blade butt: 3 mm
Handle material: textolite G10
Lock: LinerLock
Weight: 135 grams

The knife is made very thin - the parts are processed well, the edges of the liners are slightly ground and do not try to cut the hand.
This Navik is the first one for me, which is perfectly folded and folded, which does not have a liner, a locking blade. There are no signs of rust or blackened metal inside the frame.
All metal parts of the knife have a low roughness, glitter and look neat.
The handle covers are flush with the frame. All neat.

The knife is comfortable and weighty in the hand. The shape of the handle, although it does not have a pronounced guard, or even just a semicircular notch, but prevents fingers from sliding on the blade.

The blade has descents from the butt. Mixing is a bit thick, but that's not the main problem. The metal from the slopes was shot not very smoothly, as can be seen from a certain angle. Natural Handmade!

There is an elliptical hole on the blade,Unlike the round Spyderko. Thanks to this large hole, it is very convenient to fold the knife with one hand. The laser on the blade engraved inscriptions - manufacturer, model and steel grade.

On the top of the butt a notch is made in the place of the thumb stop.

Another joint, but correctable - this is the cutting edge.
Very rudely made and barely communicated.
The photos are clearly visible. So it will be something to do at your leisure. At the same time, after all, I will write a long-promised review about grind stray.

It is also clearly visible how the surface of the blade is treated. On one side there are circular scratches that are caused by curvature or simply inattention.

The knife folds easily and unfolds, but forIt was necessary to adjust the tightening of the axial screw. During this process, I discovered that the screws holding the frame were not tightened at all. I had to finish everything myself. During the process applied threaded glue.
But in general, the handle is made remarkably - nothing cuts the palm, the burrs are removed from the edges, the lining exactly fits to the frame.
On the lock plate there is a small notch that reduces the thickness of the liner at the base of the spring and weakens it. Clearly photograph this nuance did not work, but try to see it in the photo:

More pictures linerloka:

The only joint in the liner is the acute angle of the lock plate - you can injure your hand:

This disadvantage is easily eliminated with a file.
The clip is set on one side and cannot be moved to the other.

At the bend you can see the quality of processing.
And this is a photo of the axial screw (just like that).

And finally, the comparative pictures with brothers-sailors - K605 and K606.

Amusing different sizes of covers, although any knife fits in any of them.
In conclusion, I want to say that this knife is liketwo-faced Janus. The mechanics work well, but the assembly is lame. All sharp edges are treated and safe, but blade processing and cutting edge sucks. Well, in general, the quality of performance of this knife is higher than that of the previously acquired SRM-680 and Y-Start and SRM-680 and Y-Start. For this firm Navi fat plus. But sharpening - just disgusting. And unfinished bolts together with scratches on the blade are frustrating. But these jambs are solved with the help of hands and using a simple tool. So besides the pros, there are downsides.
But in general, like a knife. Recommend.