Openbox s10

Good day!
Your attention is represented by a satellite HD receiver capable of showing the whole package of NTV + (including film courses) for 87r. per month.
Before reading further and doing something, read this:
Additional Information

If you are not scared, then I will start everything in order.
Not always and not everywhere have the opportunity to watchcable channels, but almost the entire territory of Russia it is possible to receive a satellite signal NTV + and tricolor. To watch satellite TV you will need:
1) Satellite dish. For the Moscow region, I would recommend using 80 cm, because if you want to watch HD channels NTV +, then in bad weather they will crumble (or just do not show).
2) Converter with circular polarization. If you plan to watch satellite TV on all TVs in the future, then take a converter with several outputs at once, there are 1,2,4. Do not forget one receiver on one TV. One dish on all TVs.
3) 75 Ohm cable.
4) Access card or subscription cardsharing.
5) Receiver.
About him, we dwell in more detail.
If you read the thematic forums, then those whobought a "good" receiver for 15000r. they will shout that the Openbox S10 (China) is a fake, the picture is bad and in one word it is ... but I would probably shout like that too if I overpaid 12k. and would look for the "undeniable" advantage of the receiver for 15k.
In fact, do not confuse Openboxes. There are receivers manufactured under the brand openbox European, and there are Chinese. Their filling is different, the appearance is different, the price is different, only the name is common. But even on the Chinese receiver, there is a Chinese fake, strange as it may sound. Manufacturing firm Chinese openbox releases updates (firmware) for its receivers, expands itsthe lineup. In these firmware there are bombs for fakes, i.e. If you install the firmware on a non-original Chinese receiver, then after switching on it lights up on the ON panel and that's it. Of course this is a cure, but believe me this is not an easy task. I bought the first receiver on dealextrime, I wanted to reflash it, but something stopped. Later I found out about the bombs in the firmware, by signs this receiver looks like the original, and the chip seemed to be the same, but did not reflash. Then I already found a manufacturer of original Chinese receivers, they are right on the site given a link to aliexpresswhere I bought the second same receiver. If you decide to buy Chinese receivers of this brand, then buy only from this company, otherwise you can run into clones. There are different openbox models, differing only in overall dimensions and outputs.
So the receiver came in a month. Packed in double box.

In the box there was: a receiver in a protective bag + a protective film was glued to the case, a remote control without batteries, instructions in English with horribly not discernible pictures inside, the cable was not laid.

Unfortunately, the power cable is not disconnected, as it was in the first receiver.

The firmware version is also different, in this firmware the clock is shown on the panel when the receiver is turned off :).

If there is a tuned dish for 36 satellite(maybe you have tricolor equipment), in order not to scan the satellite and not edit the channel list, it will be useful to have a ready-made channel list NTV + from 11/20/2013. Those who disagree with my list in this same archive program to edit the channels on the computer. How to use it under the spoiler:
Additional Information

Now we have many channels, but almost all are encoded, there is TV3, you can watch it for free.

To decode the channels you need to get every5-10 seconds keys. You can receive them using a purchased access card (there is a card reader in the receiver) or use the services of aunt shura (cardsharing).
In order to get the keys we needpermanent internet connection and card sharing subscription. This receiver can be connected to the Internet via an existing LAN input. You only need to configure the receiver for your network configuration, if there is a router with DHCP, then you do not need to configure anything and select the appropriate item.

For those who are far from pulling the cable from the router, it is possible to use just such a thing.

It is small and does not require an additional block.power supply. If everything is set up correctly, then the internet should appear on the receiver. (How to check the availability of the Internet without a subscription to the sharing service is unknown to me). Next we need to choose a cardsharing server. There are many, but I recommend here this they have great support forum, all configuration files are uploaded, and the mostThe main thing is a great promotion, with a one-time account replenishment of $ 50, $ 100 is credited. The whole package of NTV + costs $ 5. If you take advantage of the action, it will cost $ 2.5, taking into account all commissions and transfers in rubles comes 87r. per month. Read more about them. So, we already have the Internet and a subscription of the aunt of the shura.
Now we have to choose through which programwill get the keys. If you use MGcamd, then a very small part of the package does not open, so it's better to use CCCam. To quickly open the channels, we will need files for NTV + (CCAM). Insert your username and password into the file, drop these files through the USB flash drive to the receiver.
If you did everything correctly, you will see this line.

Well, that's the climax. You should almost instantly open all coded channels !!!
In this receiver, there is a function to record the channel being watched on a USB flash drive (I don’t know how much is supported, I inserted 1 GB). The video is written in its format, so we use this program for recoding. Another optional feature is Time Shifting. It provides a "pause" when watching TV. On some firmwares, when this function is enabled, the processing of commands from the console is slow, so I do not use this function.
It is worth noting one positive point thatif you have a router without traffic preoritization configured, then on this receiver gags are extremely rare. If I start downloading torrents for the entire width of the channel with traffic pre-prioritization disabled, then openbox s10 shows no problems, but dreambox 500s is already starting to blunt. For those who have villas and there is no wired internet, my experiment will be interesting. I borrowed a router from a friend dlink dir320, put in a megaphone modem, set up toDHCP router and Internet distribution, connected a receiver to it. After turning on the router, the Internet is distributed in a minute, because until the modem registers with the 3G network. Channels are decoded normally, of course there are gaps, sometimes you have to overload the router. On a weekend, the traffic went somewhere around 5-7 MB when viewed 8-10 hours a day. After 10 days of field trials, we can say that this solution is suitable for questioning. I think in the zone of confident reception, EDGE should also all work fine.
Bullets from this receiver is just great, no needAim at the receiver, works from any position. When connecting the receiver to the TV on tulips sometimes does not show the TV, because of not properly set the resolution of the picture. It is necessary to climb into the menu of the receiver and set the right one, or click the Vformat button on the remote control to the desired value. On this receiver there is a closed Linux, so you can’t remove the log of work or deliver some kind of application. The language in all the firmware is Russian.
In conclusion, briefly all + and - Pros:
1) Price, I managed to negotiate at $ 75.
2) HD channel support
3) Ability to work with access card and cardsharing servers
4) There is a LAN port
5) Constantly updated not buggy software.
6) Not heated
7) It is possible to order individual components (remote control, receiving module, power supply).
8) Built-in power supply.
9) The clock on the display.
1) Closed OS
2) There is no possibility to put games, broadcast TV in the network, watch movies from a flash drive.
3) There is no built-in hard disk, although probably I want too much for the price.
4) There is no cable in the kit, even the tulips are not laid.
UPD 11/20/2013: updated channel list ntv + and deleted the tricolor channels, because few of them remained and many abandoned the tricolor.