Touyinger T4 mini projector

The Touyinger T4 mini is a multifunctional projector that boasts a budget price and a number of technical advantages.
A couple of years ago, I purchased a budget projector “Byintek BT140 (150ANSI lumens)” which I wanted to compare with the reviewed “folk projector” and the old Panasonic workhorse.

The delivery was a green transport company and was delivered from Moscow to Samara in just 3 days.
Additional Information

Characteristics The device has the following characteristics:
Contrast ratio: 1500: 1
Brightness: 2400 lumens
Resolution (optical): 1280 × 720
Interfaces: HDMI / USB / AV / VGA / SD / 3.5 mm audio output
Projection technology: 4.3 ″ 1LCD LTPS + LED
Projection size: 30-150 "
Lens: F = 126 mm, focusing done in manual mode
Keystone Correction: Vertical ± 45 °
Projection distance: 1.2 - 3.8m
Lamp life: more than 30000 hours
Dimensions: 218x172x88 mm
Weight: 1 kg

The projector cannot be controlled by mobile devices.
The media player (built-in) plays files in the following formats: .mp3 .wma .aac.
Package The package Touyinger T4 mini includes:

  • Projector;
  • Remote Control;
  • Power cable and AV cable;
  • Bolt (for tilt adjustment);
  • Instructions for use (in English)

  • Directly projector The device itself looks pretty nice and discreet.
    The body is made of high quality plastic, andthe lens is closed with a special cap. The size of the projector is 220 * 160 * 80 mm. It has a large matrix - (4,3) ltps, due to which the quality of color rendition and translucency significantly increases. The resolution (physical) of the matrix is ​​1280 * 720.

    The device is equipped with 2 speakers, each 2 watts. Mediocre speakers, it is desirable to connect to normal acoustics.
    Fan noise when first turned onthe horror, the room has a powerful PC with a video card without fans (specially) so that there is no noise - and this unit has dramatically broken the silence in the room. In this room, for the most part, there is always silence - and this noise is very disturbing. But indoors with other projectors and equipment - the noise level at the level of similar devices. In the video below, it will be possible to estimate the noise difference.

    The projector is equipped with an integrated media player withAAC support. This allows you to watch a huge number of movies directly from the trackers, which saves the owner from the need to work with transcoding files. The device supports many languages, including Russian, so there will be no problems with the operation. The remote control is comfortable in the hand, the buttons are pressed easily, do not sink.
    Image quality is approximately on par with the Byintek BT140.
    Brightness and color rendition is slightly higher.level and looks quite impressive for a device less than 10 thousand, and therefore watching movies using the Touching T4 mini is only a pleasure in total darkness
    Overall, the projector is great formultimedia functions (watching movies, games) in dark rooms, but to demonstrate all sorts of documents and schedules at various meetings and conferences - not an option at all.
    In bright light, the displayed image is almost visible, and "not everything is as good as we would like." About this below.
    Comparisons with analogs and not quite analogs (“Touyinger T4 mini” vs “Byintek BT140” vs “Panasonic pt-lb20nte”) Purchased in 2016 Byintek BT140 for 3800 rubles to work in the nursery so far.
    I think it can be called an analogue of this projector. Although at the moment he is a little overpriced.
    And the third option is the old, ancient “Panasonic pt-lb20nte” which can be bought in the open spaces of ebey in the region of 6 thousand rubles.

    "Touyinger T4 mini" vs "Byintek BT140
    In the light of:

    In the dark:

    During the initial verification, the old Panasonic pt-lb20nte proved to be many times better than the Touching T4 mini.

    But during testing a little has happened.defect and it was not possible to wait more than 2 hours when the projector warms up after a cold car - so we will read that the comparison with the Chinese brothers, he failed.
    Additional Information

    Example of use with the console This projector will be moved to the village for evening viewing of films on the street in the summer and for games in XBOX One

    Conclusion Advantages:

  • Ideal option for the first projector, for nursery and tp;
  • Price (considering how much is Byintek BT140)))
  • Nice appearance
  • Disadvantages:

  • Noise,
  • In daylight, the image noticeably "goes out."
  • Total: To summarize, we can say that for its modest cost, the Touchying T4 mini is a pretty good machine. It is best suited for people who encounter such equipment for the first time.
    It is well suited for evening watching movies. And in the presence of finance, it is better not to save money and purchase which thread of a DLP projector (they also exist from this seller)