RGB100-LED String Lights Christmas Decoration (10Meter / 220V AC) - LED Festoon

"Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter" (Popular wisdom)
Hello! Following the well-known saying, I ask you to pay attention to a certain electronic accessory, without which not a single celebration of the New Year - Christmas tree garland. Only this garland is not ordinary, but LED.

Looking ahead, I will say that the product is completely satisfied.
Details and photos below ...
In the process of transportation, the box was slightly crumpled, but the garland could stand it!Inside the box itself is a garland in a plastic bagThe garland consists of 100 multi-colored light-emitting diodes (yellow, red, blue, green), a control unit with a mode-switching button and a conventional plug, suitable for both European outlets and old Soviet ones.
LEDs have a conical groove, or rather a casting, which allows to scatter the light beam from the crystal in all directionsUsing the button of the control unit you can switch the modes of garland operation, however, these modes themselves switch over time. Below is a photo of the control unit outside and inside:
Well, the video of the work of the garland in different modes (in reality, colors are much juicier and brighter):
I recommend to buy. Good luck !!!