S968 - Smart Watch with GPS

After walking six months with the Samsung Gear S2, I'm sick ofconstantly trying to successfully raise your hand to turn on the screen, and to charge them every day is a fan for the elect. At the same time, it was still often possible to remain without an easily accessible time, at the most inappropriate moments. I didn’t use any functions requiring a color touch screen - I was interested in the step counter, heart rate and display of messages from the phone. As well as the function of the altimeter, the inclusion of which landed samsung-ovsky gadget for a couple of hours, whereas simpler devices offered similar from the battery.

Having studied the market of fitness bracelets and watches, I settled on the S968 model, and I have been using them for three months now.
Review on the model of this manufacturer on the site soand I didn’t see (and he was), so I decided to share the experience of use. Some sellers sign the manufacturer as Ruiji, but the majority designate a gadget as a letter with digits.
S968 is the older model. Also on the market is the S928 without IP68 and the S966 with a compass. You can choose from gray, black and red.
Like most modern devices, the watch came in a beautiful box with a charging cable and unnecessary instructions.
The basic characteristics of the clock are:

  • dimensions 50x50x16;
  • weight 78 g;
  • 500 mA battery;
  • pulse, temperature, atmospheric pressure, GPS and pedometer sensors;
  • IP68 protection;
  • sleep tracking, alarm clock

After gear the clock seems rather bulky,but here it still depends on the size of the wrist. Around the display there is a circle with numbers defining the minutes on the analog clock - but there is no mode in which it would somehow be used in the clock. At the outer radius is a protective bezel, with a ribbed edge and an engraved button designation. Unfortunately, this is not a bezel - you cannot control this watch. The watch strap is detachable, you can separately purchase options in a different color.

The first and most important thing that interested me isautonomy. The manufacturer claimed two weeks and did not cheat - after the first charge, the clock lived for 16 days, which suited me perfectly. Three months later, the clock is not lost in autonomy - I charge it once every two weeks, when there are no sticks left on the charge scale - i.e. The charge remains for a couple of days.
At the same time, the real-time clock displayscharge, date, time, progress chart by steps, altimeter, barometer, pedometer and temperature sensor readings. No need to raise your hand or press any buttons.
There are certain features in the work of the sensors. So the temperature sensor, being close to the body, shows some temperature, which is not the body and not the air - but something average. In fact, it only works fully in water, or if the clock is removed and let it lie for 10-15 minutes. But even on the hand, it allows him to roughly estimate the deviation from the temperature of comfort, in one direction or another.
The indicators of the pedometer approximately correspond to the counter in the phone and the readings given by Gear S2.
The barometer gives values ​​corresponding to the data of the local weather station, but it should be noted that the clock shows the pressure in HPa, it is not possible to switch to mmHg.
Altimeter works based on readingsbarometer. The values ​​change smoothly and clearly, but relatively - during a trip in the elevator you can see how meters grow / fall, the height difference between the 1st and 10th floor is plausible, but the value of the height of the tenth floor today and tomorrow may differ by tens of meters. Those. you can estimate the height difference during a walk or climb to a height quite accurately, but it is hardly possible to find out the actual height above sea level. Unless you go from the sea - in this case, you can set a zero point for the altimeter.
During the flight, the altimeter showed a maximum of 2,500 meters, which is not very similar to the truth, but again, it is easy to understand when the plane gains altitude.
The pulse meter does not always understand where the clock is -and sometimes illuminates the room with green light at night, wanting to measure the current pulse and analyze sleep. But there are no complaints about the testimony - they are in the same ranges as the gear provided.
The S968 has five mechanical buttons: the two buttons on the left allow you to switch between screens depending on the current mode.

In clock mode it is:

  • main screen with indicators;
  • distance / steps / calories for today;
  • pulse chart;
  • temperature chart;
  • pressure chart;
  • height graph (altimeter reading);
  • last three notifications;

The center button on the right includes 10 seconds.the backlight, and the button above it activates the sport modes. The last, fifth button is used to go backwards, or to count the completed circles in certain sport modes.
Depending on the selected mode, the screen displays the values ​​of different sensors. Almost everywhere, the value of the pulse, calories burned and the number of laps (clicks on the “Lap” button) are tracked.

Sport modes in S968 eight:

  • walking;
  • running (identical to walking, but the distance is estimated by GPS);
  • ascent (shows height difference);
  • bike (shows current speed, distance from the starting point and mileage);
  • swimming;
  • diving (diving depth, water temperature)
  • ball game;
  • stopwatch;

When you exit the sport mode, the watch offers to keep this activity or erase it.
The river and the pool watches survived without any consequences - so the IP68 protection is very real.
In the modes using GPS, a track is recorded, which can then be viewed in the program (example below).
At the same time, the use of GPS significantly reduces the autonomy - announced about 13 hours. A cold start in cloudless weather takes about 30 seconds.
For cycling coils, the clock is quite normal - replacecycling computer, showing real speed on gps + track recording. The speed determined by GPS corresponds to that defined by the application-navigator in the phone. If necessary, you can display the coordinates in numbers.

The clock menu allows you to set the current time and datetarget step by step, the value of gender / height / weight, on / off pulse meter, gps and squeaker, set an alarm and a reminder of inactivity. All the same can be done with the application.

Application - is the main "spoon of tar" of thesehours A rating of 2.9 speaks for itself. However, for some other watches that were on this site, the application does have a rating of 1.7. And the brand lenovo - 3.0. At the same time, criticism is everywhere in the case - somehow, the Chinese with applications did not work out well. I recommend always reading reviews of the application, before buying any smart watches.
HPlus has both Russian localization and beautiful graphics, but it doesn’t know how to properly handle the forwarding of notifications.
We must pay tribute, - watch for this completelyready. Cyrillic is displayed without problems, settings from the application reach the clock instantly, notifications also come and are displayed. But alas, not for long. After a few hours, the app starts to forget to send notifications to the clock. I tried with several phones - everywhere there is one trouble, they write about it in the responses to the application.
At the same time, it is possible to separately configure notifications for Chinese instant messengers. Maybe it works better with them - did not try.
In theory, bluetooth packets can be parsed andmake your application - but it is clear that no one will be engaged in this, which was done by the authors of Gadgetbridge, a universal application for various devices, including S968. Thanks @chainsaw for the tip-off on this application in the comments. The application looks good and notifications so far reach, how it will behave further - we'll see. But his rating is 5.0. Alas, it does not load data from sport modes.
Summing up - I like the watch much more than the previous ones, but still they are far from ideal.
The disadvantages include the size of the clock, the lack of firmware updates and, of course, the application that kills the performance of notifications.
In the pros autonomy, the abundance of sensors and sport modes.