Sofirn SP32A in a new wrapper or version number 2

I had somehow on the review of the lamp Sofirn SP32Athe first version, but he was completely lost last winter somewhere in the snowdrifts, during my nightly snowboard rides. Since then, the thought of a flashlight form factor that is very convenient for me on one 18650 battery has not left me. And now, not without a name, Sofirn released a modified version of my favorite flashlight - Sofirn SP32A v2. About what you liked and what is not (without measuring the characteristics), will be further under the cut. Mercy please

And so, what has been changed. Here is the description from the seller’s website:
Description from the site

In other words:
1) Replace the LED with a more modern one.
2) Built-in indication of the residual battery charge in the button.
3) Built-in thermal protection against overheating of the “head” of the lamp.
4) Increased the lamp's protection against dust and water to IPX 8
The flashlight comes in the standard packaging for this company, in which there is: a lanyard for carrying a flashlight on the arm, two rubber pads, the flashlight itself and instructions, ATTENTION - In Russian !!!
Contents of delivery:

The tail of the lantern is extremely simple, because there is no button in it. And it consists of an aluminum bowl with a contact spring, on which there is a groove for fastening the lanyard:
Lantern tail:

The head of the lantern upset me greatly due to the fact that it was completely sealed and could not be disassembled. Judging by the whole, the company went for it to improve moisture protection.
Lantern head:

I never managed to achieve thermal protection, the flashlight hardly warms up at maximum brightness, and in the turbo mode the timer works and it switches to maximum.
Hot spots:
Comparison with Sofirn SP33 on battery 26650.
Hot spots

Test at night. About 10 meters to the house:
In conclusion, I want to say that the flashlight turned outinteresting compared to the previous version and functional. It’s a pity that the stuck up “head” of the lantern, although who knows, maybe this will also increase the reliability of the lantern.
All good and positive