SONY CCD 700TVL waterproof CCTV camera + 4 channel H.264 Full D1 network cctv dvr recorder

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Hello. The story goes immediately about the two goods, because ordered as a set. The first is a surveillance camera
second - 4 channel recorder

More details under the cut (there will be a lot of text, photos and video)

Part 1. Verbiage
To begin with, reviews of such products are already on the site.
actually review, after which I thought about buying such a thing.
3) - in principle, this is the recorder that I received, only I have no hard bundled. And I found the last two reviews already after I received it and started using my devices.
These reviews are quite good and informative,but do not describe the system in working conditions, i.e. when the device is already used for a specific purpose, and how well it copes with the task. The last review was written by a person who clearly understands the issue. I want to tell you about working in “combat” conditions on the part of a man in the street, far from such systems, a delitant, so to speak. So do not scold for excessive lamerstvo.
So, after reading the first review to meI liked the idea of ​​round-the-clock video surveillance for relatively little money. I am sure that any devices related to security / spying / listening / recording systems cause every man to thrill and sverbleniya. Naturally, I had a persistent “want” even before realizing the feasibility and concrete use of this thing. Therefore, this "I want" I previously suppressed in myself, so as not to make rash relatively expensive purchases.
Misfortune helped me to return to this questionmine and parking neighbors. I have two houses opposite each other, there are parking spaces between them, where the residents of the houses actually put the cars. This includes my pegeot from And some time ago, all sorts of unpleasant things began to happen. First, one neighbor broke the glass. Then another. Someone poured gasoline (they drove up to some kind of broken-up penny). And some _udila, apparently leaving the parking lot, touched the wing of my car. Priter, but rather unpleasant, so that even slightly bent wing mount. Apparently it was not so much a blow, as friction, that the car did not even scream. I sent many rays of diarrhea mentally to this bad person. Benefit from the insurance I did everything, but all this is extremely unpleasant and long, agree.
This is how it looked. But now everything is ok)

In general, I thought, and not whether to put an observation of this parking, since the car is almost always put in the same place.
It was then that the Chinese brothers came to the rescue.
The variant of the finished kit (as in the described review) did not suit me, since I only needed one camera. And I wanted to choose the camera myself.
Since I do not really understand these things I decidedtake the most popular item from the top rated seller. At that time it was this recorder. Cameras were cheaper, but with a lower TVL. This, as I understand it, is the number of lines in the analog image. In terms of price / resolution / popularity, I liked this camera most of all.
I live on the 9th floor, so I’ll immediately make a reservation that I’mhad no illusions about image detail. It is clear that in order to get such a picture at such a distance so that you can see a face, or small details, you need an order of magnitude more expensive equipment. Therefore, the purpose of this acquisition was to understand in the event of an unpleasant incident of details as it happened, time, it is possible to have signs of a car participating in the passage. In general, to have more information than the fact of the incident. Yes, and the camera, in principle, can be seen from the side, perhaps it will once again stop any spiteful critics.
The choice is made, paid, sent, received. Go to the next part. Only facts, only hardcore!
Part 2. Sending
The seller sent the package in two packages with different tracks, but came at the same time. Each ~ 1.5 kg

Recorder equipment:
- Recorder (without HDD)
- optical mouse
- remote control
- Instructions
- power adapter (plug for euro socket, which pleased)
- driver disk

back view

If you remove the sticker, you can see that the case is universal, and is used for 8-channel recorders.

photo of viscera

Who would like to see a fee closer

In work

Camera kit:
- camera
- set of fasteners (4 dowels, 4 screws)
- small hex, for adjusting camera direction
all ... puzzled by the lack of a network adapter. This is purely my inattention, the site indicated that it is purchased separately. Fortunately, by miraculous coincidence, I discovered such an adapter from another Chinese device that is not currently in use. Well, in return I ordered a second one, now I’m already wandering around Moscow.
As soon as I received the parcel, I made some pictures for review. But in detail the camera itself did not zafotkat. Since I am writing a review after installation, I bring the photo of the camera in the installed state.

The build quality is up to par. Heavy, okay assembled. Nothing dangles, does not stick, the details fit well.
Part 3. Installation
It was not without problems. And yet again, due to my own carelessness, given that I hadn’t dealt with this technique before. This seller has a special cable for connecting video, combined with power.

This seller has this cable at least 20 m. And it costs ~ $ 18. I do not need 20 meters, I need five meters. And I decided to buy, if that such cable is offline.
It turned out that this is a rather specific connector.BNC. Aby where these cables do not sell. At least in any Eldorad and shops, electricians threw up their hands. Googling found a store (do not count for advertising)
There is an adapter for RCA and separately sell BNC connectors and crimp and screw. Here are only 75 ohm coaxial cable, they sell at least 100 meters.
And so I got a choice - buy adapterson RCA or just buy connectors. I repeat once again that I am far from these questions, so I apologize in advance for the possible delitance of my reasoning. But I thought so - RCA Cables are usually not very long. Given their structure, this is probably due to susceptibility to interference. Coaxial cable has a shielded braid, and the antenna cables are any length. By this, I bought two such connectors. The price in this store is 28.90 rub apiece.

The 75 ohm coaxial cable of the required length turned out to be completely strayed by me from the moment of repair (when I pulled the TV antenna).

Adapter cable length also had to increase, but it was not difficult.
Another small story was with a hard drive. When I started checking how I was recording (I did not install the screw), I inserted a flash drive, and the recorder says, there is no HDD. Inserted external HDD - the same garbage. Disassembled external HDD, inserted it into the SATA connector inside the recorder - the same garbage. He began to write letters to the seller, they say, your device does not work, does not write. To which he replied to me, they say, the diar freend, to the vorri notes, everything works, only the recording can not be made on USB devices, only on SATA, and only 3.5 "screws are supported. 2.5" dint work. And I just have an old 500 gigovy seagate baracuda on my computer, which I do not use, and was just about to be used for these purposes. But during the check it was too lazy to take it out, and tried to check it by other means. Now I put the screw in the recorder and it all worked.
The unit is in the room, and at night any noise is heard quite well. I must say that everything works quietly, the screw occasionally crackles slightly during recording, but this is not so much that it interferes with sleep.
Next, the matter of technology - he stretched the cable, drilled the camera, plugged it in, turned it on, WORKS!

Part 4. Functional
Immediately I will say - I did not use the remote, because it's more convenient for me to do it with the mouse. But the console is basically informative enough, so this, I think, is a matter of habit.
After switching on we see the screen with all four channels.

Clicking on the desired channel, it unfolds

After clicking the right mouse button, a small menu appears.

first two points - channel selection
elec zoom - digital zoom
play - reproduction of records

choose a channel, time interval, record type and where to look.
We receive the list of records

Here we select the desired entry. You can view it, you can save it to external media. You can immediately see

can be closer when viewing

record next - select channels to record.

PTZ - control the camera (if the camera supports it)

Audio - audio settings (if connected)


HDD - hard disk settings (disk options, formatting)
user - add and edit users (here when you turn on you need to enter a username and password. It is needed in order to connect through the network)
default - reset settings
Ubgrade - firmware upgrade. You can from a flash drive, you can through the network. Did not try
Time is clear
Info - device data

settings in the settings

Record - select the quality of the recording. What is VBR / CBR I did not understand, but in VBR you can choose compression quality (low average good good)
CBR - I understand the quality to the maximum

video - video display settings

schedule - schedule recording settings (not used)

Network - Network Settings

PTZ - camera control settings
motion detection settings

Selection of the detector response area

Networking opportunities
By connecting the recorder to the router, it is possible to use it through a computer and through a mobile application.
There is an application client on the disk, but I still haven't figured out how to configure it. However, all functions are implemented through a web interface.
The web-interface works only with IE, for this you need to download and install a special plugin. After that, typing the IP address into the browser line we get into the program

enter the username and password of the user registered in the recorder, get into the live view menu

In principle, you can do everything the same as on the recorder itself. The only thing in the web interface is noticeable pixelation of the image. But if you unload the recording, the quality is normal.

You can also find, view and upload the desired entry.

Now let's see the mobile app.
The disk has applications for different platforms. I dropped it on the phone and put a prog for the android TMEye


In landscape orientation

About the network - I do not have a static IP, i.e. I can connect to the recorder only inside the local network organized by the router. If connecting via a computer is very useful (you can immediately upload the desired entry to the computer), then connecting via a phone is possible only within the range of my Wi-Fi, i.e. In fact, the function is useless (if only sitting in the toilet to watch the street). But I think you can somehow configure the connection from the outside (the benefit is there are various ways of network connection), but I didn’t really understand it (not an expert on networks), and there is no need for a strong one.
Part 5. Operation
In this part I will tell you about the experience of actual operation and impressions from the operation of the device.
I bought the camera with the highest TVL from the proposed - 700
I do not know if he gives them honestly, but the picture is quite clear.

Even a small digital zoom allows you to see something.

With a greater approximation, the picture is already so-so

At night at this distance IR illuminationnaturally does not make sense. But in the parking lot less light, and the camera adjusts to the darkness. Due to the increased sensitivity of the matrix, at night there is much more noise and the picture becomes less clear

when using digital zoom (reasonably)

As you can see, miracles do not happen, but in general, the result is expected. Persons and numbers do not read, but get a general impression about what is happening is quite possible.
IR lights work quite confidently. It shines brightly. At a distance of less than a meter, if you shine on an object, it flashes. Shines optimally at a distance from the meter. I think meters 5 - 10 she will light confidently.

Now video
Can anyone tell me how to embed a video? I understand that many have such a problem. The second review which fails to do this
in the afternoon
at night
example of shooting at home
Youtube pressed a little video. It is a little better in the original.
frame rate - 25 fps
bit rate 2021
I think the bitrate could be done higher, because The signal to the recorder is clearer. Artifacts appear while recording. But I understand that this is some kind of standard H.264 Full D1
More about the weather conditions. It is stated that the camera is weatherproof. When viewed from the camera all collected quality. Practice has shown that she endured heavy downpour without any losses.
And one more thing (the author of the previous review of the recorder wrote about this)
I have a LG TV, and apparently the range of the remote recorder intersect
from the recorder to the TV remote is not affected. But when I switch something to a TV, the recorder can take some action. Therefore, I removed it deeper. Anyway, I'm doing everything with the mouse.
That's all
Part 5. Conclusion
- Really working round-the-clock video surveillance system for relatively little money
- Ability to remotely view and access the archive (and even control the camera with this feature)
- If the distance to the object is relatively small, the picture is sufficiently clear and detailed.
- Sure IR illumination (at a short distance)
- According to my calculations, a 500 gig disk should ring ~ for 20 days of recording from one camera
- Weatherproof camera
- Not very flexible setting of the sensitivity of the motion detector
- I do not know whether to attribute this to a minus or not, but I have not figured out how the motion detector works. That is, it works, but how does it affect the record, and I did not understand the search for records
- Also can hardly be attributed to the minuses, it is ratherjust harakristiki, but you should pay attention that the picture is quite clear in its original form. But to scale the resolution is no longer enough. If you need to consider the details at a distance - you need to look for other equipment.
- I would like a higher bit rate to save the video, the camera gives a clearer picture than the recorded video
In general, for me, the cons are not critical, and some even are not.
I got what I expected. Quite pleased with the purchase. The system works around the clock. At first, I constantly dabbled, considering who was leaving when, who was coming.
For example, amused as one friend goes home
Already calmed down. The system works, writes, does not specifically ask for bread, does not interfere. I hope you don’t need these records seriously
In the near future
1) buy a second camera and install it at the door on the staircase, so that if anything, it was obvious who was hanging around and what it was. This is when I decide how to keep food and video cable around the apartment.
something like that

2) The camera supports lens change. You can put something like such a and the car will be seen better
How to put any of this, I will make a separate topic
As for the purchase, I will say a banal thing: based on the above description, let everyone make a choice - whether he needs it or not. But the system copes with its functions fairly honestly, and in my opinion it’s worth the money.
Something like that. Thanks to everyone who mastered everything to read. Good luck to everyone, and let the vandals / reptiles / bad people bypass you, your loved ones and your property.