SQ11 mini camera

  • Price: $ 12.98 (with delivery from the Russian Federation) $ 9.33 - from China
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Mini camera, which is quite a lot on Ali. A small overview with examples of how to shoot.
Product Size: 25mm * 24mm * 24mm
Net weight: 20g
Video Format: AVI
Video Encoding: M-JPEG
Video Resolution: 1920 × 1080 P / 1280 × 720 P

Video frame rate: 30 frames per second
Image Ratio: 4: 3
Photo resolution: 12 mp (4032 × 3024)
Picture Format: JPG
Motion Detection: Yes
TV out: Yes
Battery type: built-in lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 200 mAh
Running time: stable recording up to 100 minutes
Charging voltage: DC-5V
Storage: TF card up to 32G
Transfer speed: high speed USB2.0
Interface Type: Mini 8pin USB
Compatible system: Windows me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista; Mac Os; Linux
Comes in a box, the whole kit looks like this:

Instructions in English and Chinese.
The camera itself. Around the lens IR LEDs

Sideways a hole for a memory card and an entrance for charging pass USB 8pin

At the top of the control button - MODE, and ON \ OFF. The control is quite simple: turn on by long pressing the ON \ OFF button, the first mode is turned on by default - 720P. Press the MODE button if necessary, switch the desired mode further - 1080R or photo mode. Short press ON / OFF to enable recording.

Video is written in 5 minutes, batteryenough for 1 hour. The seller in the description says that the work time is up to 100 minutes, but it is not, even the instructions say that 60 minutes is maximum. And this is absolutely true.
1080: The average size of each file is 600 MB.
720: The average size of each file is 400 MB.

Included is a pair of mounts

Clothespin snaps on camera

You can hold it in the second crepe on a swivel hinge. Judging by the pair of holes - it needs to be fixed with a constant screw somewhere with self-tapping screws.

Charging cable, you can also connect the camera to the TV

The camera can be used as a webcam. This view is because the cable is short, only 60 cm. With an usb extension cable, you can use it

Well, actually tests. Everything was recorded on a 16GB 10 class seller's sent flash drive (camera price only: $ 9.33, camera + flash drive: $ 13.59).

Sample video indoor:
Sample video on the street. Quality - half the trouble, very strong shaking, and tried to keep it straight. Half of the video - held in his hands, half - with a clothespin fastened to the jacket.
In total darkness:
At night on the street:
The difference between 720 and 1080 did not see

Sample photo:

One more photo

Examples of IR illumination in total darkness:


On this, in principle, everything. The quality is so-so, it’s not worth the other. Chip in size. Plus there is multitasking - it can just shoot, work like a regular webcam, shoot in complete darkness, you can connect to TV (by the way, the camera can write on the motion sensor). What for? Considering the size - for inconspicuous shooting, I think. Such a camera, like the law, is not prohibited and is not a means of secretly obtaining information, not camouflaged for any left object. This is a camera, just a little one. I have a similar mini-camera in the form of the well-known mp3 player-clothespins (see photo below). A small inconspicuous hole the size of the needle's eye and the body of the player - such a shooting would certainly be illegal, as well as the purchase.