Stabilizer for action camera SJCAM SJ-Gimbal 2

I've been reading musk for a long time and finally I decided to try to write a review on a rather interesting accessory for action cameras.
Before that, I used FeiyuTech Vimble 2 for a phone and an action camera through an adapter-holder, but decided to purchase a more compact and specialized version.

The manufacturer declared the following characteristics:
Compatible with most SJCAM models suchas SJ8 PRO, SJ8 PLUS, SJ8 AIR, SJ7 STAR, SJ6 LEGEND, SJ5000; other models: GOPRO HERO 6/5/4/3, SONY RX0, YI CAM and other action cameras of similar size and weight
Body Material: Plastic
Black colour
Tilt / Roll / Pan swivel range (Pan / Tilt / Horizon): 320 ° / 320 ° / 640 °
Angle deviation: ± 0.01 °
Operating voltage: 3.2V ~ 4.0V
Battery: Built-in Li-ion, 2600mAh
Battery life: 6 hours (2-2.5 hours with the camera connected)
Charging Connector: USB Type-C
The device is delivered in a cardboard box with high-quality printing and a description on the reverse side (including in Russian)

Inside the box is a foam box, which reliably protects the device during transport

Boxing is divided into two halves and the whole set is presented to us.

Package includes: hemstatsik with a lanyard, USB Type-C cord for charging the device, two cords for charging the camera from the stadikam (Mini USB and Type-C) and instructions in English and Chinese.
There is no carrying case and there seems to be nooption for safe carrying with a fixed camera, since With the camera, the stabilizer does not fall into the plane. Apparently, for compactness, the developers reduced the height to the roll engine and thereby reduced the convenience of work a little, since Motor horizon can touch the motor tilt or the camera itself.
The entire stabilizer is made of plastic. The camera mount is covered with a soft anti-slip material to protect against scratches and secure mounting.
Fix the camera SJCAM SJ8 Pro and consider the device from all sides.
On the front side of the handle are twoLED: the left one displays pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the right one - the mode of operation is steadicam. Below is the joystick, the stabilizer mode button and the steadicam power button (it also switches the SJCAM Video / Photo camera modes)

On the back of the handle is the trigger for locking the camera position in space. Double pressing this trigger returns the camera to its original position, triple - switches to selfie mode

On the left side there is a thread for attaching accessories and a USB Type-C stabilizer charging connector under the cap.

On the right side is the battery charge indicator (25, 50, 75 and 100 percent)

At the bottom of the handle is a thread for mounting on tripods.

The stabilizer has the function of charging cameras. It looks like this:

We activate the control function in the camera by means of a stabilizer, and now with the wire connected, the stabilizer and the camera will turn on together.
To describe the modes of operation I will give the translation of the stabilizer axes

Modes of operation
one. When you turn on or press the Mode button once, the stabilizer is in the “Pan Following” mode - following only Horizontally (the Roll and Tilt axes are locked). The LED flashes once, cyclically.
2. Double-click on the Mode button - Pan & Tilt Following mode. Steadicum follows both the movements along the horizon and tilt axes (the axis of the bank is blocked). The LED blinks twice.
3 Triple pressing the Mode button - “All Locked” mode - all axes are locked. No matter how we twist the knob, the stabilizer will try to leave the camera in its original position in space. The same mode can be temporarily activated by holding the trigger on the back of the handle. The LED flashes three times cyclically.
4. Four clicks on the Mode button - “All Following” mode - following along all axes. The LED flashes cyclically long.
To enter the device calibration mode, you need to hold down the Mode button for 6 seconds.
I will briefly describe the corporate application SJCAMZone. In this application, you can control the device as a joystick, switch modes, set points and movement time for movement during a time-lapse. The application also allows you to configure the basic parameters of the stabilizer, update the firmware and perform a full calibration. The application is not bad, but the Russian language is traditionally useless.
Working hours
My tests showed that when connected toThe stabilizer SJ8 Pro in 4K 30fps mode has a working time of 70-80 minutes, with the declared 2-2.5 hours. For me, this is probably the main disadvantage of this steadicam. When the camera is turned off, the stabilizer continues to work. Time without a camera, unfortunately, has not yet measured. The stated battery capacity is confirmed by a tester.
When charging is connected, the steadicam refusesturn on. But still with external power connected, it can be made to work. To do this, you must first turn on steadicam, and only then connect the power source. That is, the situation with the duration of work can still be saved by a bank.
Owners of SJ8 and other cameras that have a buttonTurning on is located on the right side of the camera will face the fact that if you do not connect the charging cable of the camera, then you can not turn on the camera because of the impossibility of pressing the button.

There is a way out. It is necessary to fix the camera not according to the instructions, but with the side with the lens closer to the motor. Now the camera can be turned on, and you can control, for example, a branded remote control or a button on the case.

The main thing for what stedikam need - smoothingshaking the camera. In my opinion, it works exactly for how much it costs. Stars from the sky is not enough, but for amateur shooting is enough. When activating the internal stabilization of the camera, everything becomes just perfect and the camera begins to "float" in space.
To evaluate stabilization, see the He took off without any efforts to smooth out his oscillations with his hand, he just walked and even ran a little. I apologize for the fact that for the most part the video turned out with the internal stabilization of the camera, but the excerpt with it turned off makes it possible to evaluate the performance of this stabilizer.

SJ-Gimbal 2 device of the lower price category and in my opinion fully fulfills its price. Coupled with a stabilizer camera SJ8 Pro allows you to achieve the perfect picture smoothness.
On the downside, I'll take the absence of a cover and the possibility of compact folding in general without removing the camera and a short time when the camera is connected with a wire.
I can recommend this stabilizer to owners.SJCAM cameras as an entry-level device with the ability to control camera functions. But it should be clarified that SJ8 is heavier than its predecessors, and it may be necessary to apply some load with them for initial balancing.
P.S. Stedikam purchased for themselves and for their money. Clause 18 indicated just in case only because of a small discount from the seller