Touch screen watch

Watch with a touch screen, I do not know what prompted me to buy, but the Toad did not strongly resist =) and this is what came of it ...
In short, then satisfied with the purchase. Good hours for reasonable money.
The package reached me in 29 days, which for my mail, I think is normal, packed in a poignant and thick double layer of pimple ...

What we have? LED touch watch in a metal case with a diameter of 4.5 cm with a soft-silicone (as described by the supplier) strap. The strap is pleasant to the touch elastic, not exactly rubber, very flexible and soft. The body itself is made of steel as a whole looks good, although it could better cast it.
The display itself (or touch) is attached to the case with hexagon screws.
In bright sunlight, the screen fades, but the numbersyou can still consider. The display is activated by pressing in the point area, then the whole screen responds to the touch (let's say to see today's date)
Show current time, date and number, seconds. In the settings you can set the year.
Adjustable by clicking on the point and holding alternately to each parameter setting ...

And the video -> (originally activated as a binary clock)
Conclusion: the clock can definitely be taken, I did not notice the minuses, perhaps the price is a bit overpriced.
PS: the cat this time was not given to be photographed =)