Ultrafire-C1 Cree XML-T6

Those who do not have a big one are allowed to read, for you will NOT waste your time.))))
Bla bla bla, not necessarily read

About the lantern, due to the fact that I have 2 such lanterns (it was, one was ripped), I put double rubber bands in the lantern, so that it would be as airtight as possible.
Despite the double elastic bands, it twists very smoothly and easily.
All these lanterns have real glass.
Aluminum body and steel crown.
"Paw" for clinging to the belt and so on, I do not need, I took it off.
photo-video how shines

photo of how it looks inside

Now a little about the intricacies. In general, the flashlight is already good without modifications, but for myself I have upgraded it:
* Laid the foil, for a better heat sink on the case.
* Changed the driver that I upgraded.
It was:
Min ~ 0.2A
med ~ 1A
Hi ~ 2A
For me this was a bit much, plus 2 additional modes that I do not need.
On the new driver, I did everything as I wanted.
In all the photos "as it is shining" there is an upgraded driver (AK-47).
Min ~ 0.02A
med ~ 0.4A
Hi ~ 1.3A
Weak mode for pedestrian for the eyes, and enough light with one battery for 2000 mAh for 100 hours (but something is hard to believe, and the brains at night refuse to count)

about the lantern in general, before the sluggish jumped offafter I drove alongside them, and now 10 meters before I get to them. And I realized that it was better to go in the center (like a car), otherwise I would be pushed into the ravine with a jump))).
To charge akumyu use such charging (or approximately).
I do not know which acuums are better, I have a discord. But I will definitely say the originals of Sanyo the best.
As for mounting, better IT not yet invented, no mechanics, consider the eternal (or wait until the rubber "gets tired") = D
the lantern in it shines almost in the center

and lastly, the kitten is, but I will not wake