USB 2.0 7 Port HUB Powered + AC Adapter Cable High Speed6

Convenient HUB for 7 ports for increasing simultaneously connected to a computer USB. I bought under NG for 5.16, now went up

Come in a package wrapped in bubble wrap. Included are HUB itself, stand, power supply, computer connection cable.
I myself do not really understand such technicaldevices, but my familiar "computer genius", as I call it, having seen this device from me and having recognized its price, having checked its working capacity, ochn praised me. We connected a bunch of devices to the HUB, including a 320-gig drive, everything works fine, really 2.0

Pros: 7 ports, compact, PRICE.
Minuses: Slightly heated at full load, bright LED (not critical, taped with a piece of scotch.
In short, a good, useful thing for ridiculous money. Recommend.
If something wrong done correct, correct