USB 2.0 IDE 3.5 ″ HDD Hard Disk Drive External Case

Good day! This is only my thirty fifth review, so please do not scold too much ...
There are times in every person’s life whenhe begins to accumulate all sorts of computer "slag". My Soviet upbringing does not allow this “slag” to be thrown away, since many people have invested in each of its cogs. And this work is priceless. In the form of slag, I had several HDDs lying around. At 40, 80 and 250 gigs, respectively. That's why I picked this simple box out of the Chinese bowels. In other words, this is an aluminum box for connecting old IDE-shnyh hard drives to the USB input of the computer.

Reached, he flew to me without incident, safe and sound. Equipment: the box itself, a power supply unit with a half-a-half plug, a power cord.

Inside the box, two plastic stops-guides and a USB cable (papa-papa), only 60 cm long, rotated and crashed merrily.

At a cursory inspection this device did not cause anysuspicions. With a more thorough study surfaced minor kosyachki in manufacturing. The most serious is screwing a screw past the hole when fixing the board.

Electronic filling is completely unpretentious.

Since the box opens only from the ends,then the hard disk is inserted into this box a bit strange - like a tube. For this and serve as plastic guides. But, as you know, accuracy is not Chinese skate, so I had to sweat a little, shoving hard-to-crack into their proper place.

Further more interesting. The power wires are very rigid and there is almost no place to lay them. I had to sweat again, this time, to snap the lid on.
After that, finally, I gathered this device into a single chain :) And I immediately had a couple of questions for the Chinese designers.
Why did this box need to be equipped with such a bulky power supply?
Why such a short USB cable?
By the way, a 40-centimeter short one also goes from BP to boxing. Because of this, the construction turned out to be very inconvenient!
After pressing the "on" button, the diode on the casefired up red, and the computer regularly found an external storage device. The speed of writing / reading is quite pleasing. And at the time of data transfer the diode winks red, and when the device is not involved, it is lit green.

Well, now the conclusion: if you close your eyes to minor flaws, the device is quite usable. At least I'll order a couple more, perhaps.