HD-6000T video camera with removable "telescope"

Good day!
This review focuses on a randomly purchased HD-6000T camera with a removable “telescope”. For details, I ask under the cat.
Subjective opinion - you can buy at a discount.
I had a need for a good and inexpensive flashlight. After reading reviews on mySKY I decided to buy myself a similar one on AliExpress.

While shopping in China is relativelylong ago, before I could not buy anything in this store. After registering on the site, I ordered a WF-501B CREE XM-L U2 LED Flashlight, batteries and a charger for them.
Since the order was processed by the seller for a long time, I decided to check the order the next day, and then I came across such a sale:

21-08-2012_Sale BIGPRICE

Looking through the rather big list of discounts, I found in it a strange-looking video camera. The price seemed appropriate to me.
I want to immediately warn you that even earlierI read all the available camcorder reviews on this site, and I know how mySKY visitors relate to ChinaVideoOperators, who buy for themselves “non-brand” cameras from Uncle Liao with the goal of “just taking pictures”. I personally did not pretend to some kind of shooting quality, and if in the end the camera with EMS delivery did not come out to me at 2195 rubles, I would have passed it by.
But first things first.
The camera, as I said, looked weird. In the photo from the standard lens, a wide black tube protruded, resembling a sniper scope. The advertisements screamed that it was a “Good quality digital telescope camera”, she was able to shoot in “HD 720p”, delivered it quickly and for free, and in general, if I don’t buy it immediately, I will regret it for the rest of my life.
Reviews on the Internet for this Chinese productI did not find the thoughts. The seller of the manufacturer on the product page modestly kept silent, but when I enlarged the photo, I found the inscription Vivikai on the case. This made me happy much more than if I had found the “branded” SONI or Cannmn there. Vivikai company really exists, and even has its own Russian-language site www.vivikai.ru. Having rummaged on a site, I have found out a photo of a video camera.

True, the site did not work quite correctly, so for detailed characteristics I had to go to the English site - www.vivikai.com.
I post them as a photo below. The seller, without further ado, copied them to himself from this site one to one.

As can be seen from those data, loud advertising about ZOOMThe 72X is merely multiplying the camera's own eight-fold zoom by a nine-fold increase in the attached telescope. How the video will look on such a zoom without an image stabilizer, the manufacturer, of course, was silent.
Standard price of this camera on AliExpress US$ 145.36, but, in honor of the day of discounts, it was half, and exactly 24 hours was $ 72.68. Using the coupon that was paid to every buyer registered on the site, I lowered the price by another $ 5 to US $ 67.68
I chose QIWI wallet as a payment method, and herethere was a small incident. The fact is that when I made out an order, I didn’t have enough funds in my Qiwi account, and I decided to replenish it in the morning. But in 7 hours the exchange rate changed, and the initial 2111.95 rubles per camera turned into 2195.54.
Delivery was carried out by EMS at the seller’s expense.
On September 1, without any warning, a courier from ME-EM came to my house, holding this box in his hands.

The box was made of cardboard, from the inside wrapped in two layers of air bubble film.
Another such layer covered the inner box. Here she is.
Here she is

Remove the protective film, and ... voila

With burning eyes, take out the contents of it, and lay on the table

As seen in the photo, there is:
1) Camcorder
2) Battery for 1100 Mh
3) Charger
4) A magnifying lens with a protective cap (but the lens is protected only on one side)
5) Camera control panel (start / stop video and photography)
6) Trash Chinese headphones
7) Tulips to connect the camera to the TV
8) USB adapter cable - miniUSB
9) Instructions in two languages ​​(guess yourself what
10) Case. It is a piece of thick fabric, sewn in the middle with two stripes ... hm ... fabric. There is a sticky, yes. The value, like the headphones in this kit, is very doubtful.
Here is the camera itself and the matchbox from the chamber of measures and scales, especially so that sufferers can estimate the size.
Do it once

Make two

Do three

Here it is in hand, along with a miracle lens, which I will discuss below.
Camera in hand

To describe the appearance of the camera, I think, does not make sense. Someone like, someone - no. At least, the Chinese origin of this technology is not evident. And thanks for that!
The first impression: "Oh, damn, what are you petty!". I didn’t have anything to do with video cameras before, and the Sony a230 camera is two times larger in size (even with a whale lens).
Pull out the battery and charger from the bagdevice, I immediately decided to recharge a little and check the work of this tiny one. It was not there! The charger did not reach with a plug to a single outlet in the apartment. I had to go to the store and buy an adapter, in which it was charged.
Here is the charger itself with the battery inserted. It, by the way, has two charge indication lamps (red and green), which is extremely convenient.
Battery and charger

After loading the battery into the body of the camcorder, II got a newly acquired SDHC card for 16 gigabytes, and then a new surprise awaited me. The fact is that the connector for the card is recessed into the camera body so deeply, and the card comes in (and comes out, look, Piglet) so tightly and tightly that it is not possible to use it without improvised means. I used a pencil for this purpose. The camera recognizes the card immediately, but 16 gigabytes for it, judging by the characteristics, is the maximum amount.
To turn on the device, you must open the LCDscreen and press the button hiding under it on the body. Inclusion occurs with a strange sound of dripping water. What was meant by the manufacturer, stopping his choice on this greeting sound, I have not the slightest idea. On the blue screen, the inscription “Welcome” lights up, which is immediately replaced by the image coming from the lens. You can also select the shooting mode (photo / video), view the footage, set the date and time, and listen to music. Here you can click "Menu" to enter the settings and, among other things, select the language of the menu itself and the accompanying inscriptions.
The native speech in the video camera suffers from a standard set of translation glitches (for example, format SD has turned into “FORM”), although phrases like “Clear Cookies” are missing.
The display screen was pleasantly surprised by the color quality and in general deserves all praise. Apparently, to indicate how the manufacturer is proud of this screen, a protective planochka was pasted on it.
On the lens of such a film, for example, no.
Turn on the photo shooting mode.
The camera can take pictures in permissions4000 × 3000, 3264 × 2448, 2592 × 1944, 2048 × 1536 and 1280 × 960. On a cloudy day, I specifically took photographs of the same place so that you could appreciate the quality of the image. Alas, I am spoiled by the “SLR”, and for this reason I look at the quality of such photos ... hmm ... from high.
Links to photos

Separately, I want to note the shooting mode in the darkTimes of Day. On a black-black night, I went out into the dark-dark kitchen and took a picture of “something”, aiming “somewhere” into the darkness. It turned out quite tolerable. Even beautiful! The built-in flash worked, illuminating the entire kitchen, and all the details are clearly and clearly visible on the frame. Unfortunately, I cannot show this frame, as the spouse has forbidden to spread “all this mess” to the network. So you have to take my word for it
There is another incident with the flash.camcorder. A couple of dozen times I took out and removed the flash with my fingers, until I accidentally discovered when I grabbed the camera from the side (!), Under the ring finger (!!) I didn’t even have a button - the slider (!!!) could be used to open this flash. Ergonomists of all countries are filled with burning tears.
Now we come to the most important thing, for which, in fact, this camera was bought.
Shooting video.
Well, technically, this is an HD camera that savesvideo stream at a maximum resolution of 1280x720 in avi format. The problem is that to get on this excellent picture - you need to take pictures in a uniformly lit room, with a tripod, and in no case use the digital zoom. Firstly, because this zoom is performed in fragments (there can be no talk of any smoothness), and secondly, because at maximum zoom, the image crumbles into a bunch of funny pixels, as if it were QVGA.
In fact, for the zoom here you need to applythe attached lens, and now its use does not spoil the picture at all, approximating fairly distant objects without loss of quality. The test record will show how I shot a brewery across the river in cloudy weather, first without a lens, then with it (and maximum digital zoom), and then again turned the lens so that you can estimate the distance.
Below are the resolutions for shooting video andhyperlinks to the ifolder file sharing service for those who want to download a test video. I didn’t post a video on Youtube, because someone in the previous topic had been cursing video cameras on MySky that it didn’t allow us to really appreciate the quality of the footage.
I apologize in advance for the extraneous hum in the video - as luck would have it, the weather turned bad, and the shooting was carried out under constant gusts of wind. In addition, there was a bridge nearby and a congress, packed to the eyeballs with cars.
By the way, if we talk about sound, then thiscamcorder has a microphone. He can record sound and sometimes even does it (unless the operator puts the fingers of his right hand on the microphone, closing all receiving holes - and this happens all the time when the camera is grabbing the right hand).

Now the action has been completed, and the video camera onThe trading floor costs $ 145.36. Although, if you search on AliExpress, you can find it for $ 107.36. Translated into rubles, this will be about 3,500 rubles. Whether Vivikai products are worth this money - let everyone decide for himself.
Well, according to MySKY tradition, the last photo in the review is a cat with the described goods.
Cat + HD-6000T

Over the past six months, I categorically reviewed the attitude to this camcorder.
After two months of work, audio noise appeared while recording; moreover, the quality of the picture, even in sunlight, leaves much to be desired.
Maybe at a 50 percent discount to buy this "Chinese toy" and it made sense, but I strongly recommend it for the full cost.