Wholesale High Quality Ceramic Knife 5-piece Set. 4 inch + 5inch + 6 inch + Knife holder + peeler (Peony) (Free shipping)

Excellent set of ceramic knives!
It was bought after home tried the Rimon knife, but they understood that its length leaves much to be desired. By the way, in the review there will be comparisons with this particular knife.

History of purchases of other knives and brief information

It took about 50 days, packed in a foam bag with foam, but it did not save from damage.
What we have:
one. Elegant and stylish stand for knives, made of transparent plastic with shiny inserts, having a non-slip bottom and quite heavy. For this + (during transit they broke off the peeler stand - no problem, glued it)

2. Knife 4 inches, more convenient than the firm Rimon, the handle is more pleasant in the hand, it is thicker. It is convenient to cut vegetables, smoked sausage, chop up greens.

3. A knife 5 inches, a little more than 4, so it is already convenient to cut bread, cut meat, fruit

4. A knife 6 inches - my most favorite, that is, taking it, I can cut anything. I recommend as a universal knife, if you are going to buy 1 knife for all tasks.

five. Vegetable-potato-cleansing - without comments, I will not say about convenience, and as for the performance of its role, it copes well with it, although it performs most of its existence as a decor.

Because the package has been received recently, I cannot judge the durability of knives, I can only say that they remind me such with dx.com, but thanks to the beautiful design and lower price, I would recommend these. In addition, there are other “configurations” of knives at the seller’s site, which differ not only in coloring but also in the number of objects.

Bottom line: I am satisfied with the purchase, sharp, beautiful, not expensive, if it had not been cracked, the stand would have been excellent at all!