Woman Fashion Jewelry Diamond Mechanical Ladies Watch

I have long watched this seller of watches. I decided to order this watch as an experiment, like jewelry if you want.
It took ten days, I think that's fine. Came in a black box wrapped in a bubble wrap. Reached without damage including the box. About the watch ...

Mechanics ... the accuracy of the course, for obvious reasons, I will write later. Visually make a good impression, not gypsy, gilding is different from the pictures on the site,

but I think for the better. Lanyard leatherette, neat, but pretty tough, I think after a while cracked. Pebbles shimmer fun. The body is made soundly, there are no burrs and other things.

Arrows with an accumulative phosphor, that is, they glow in the dark. It's a trifle, but it's nice. I am satisfied with the purchase, as a replacement accessory every day for such money is just great.