2011 Cheapest price for Q8 4GS phone mobile Free shipping whosale price

Another iPhone 4G clone. The device with a funky screen, but not fast speed.
Traditionally for me, I'll start with the advantages of this model:
- high-quality assembly, nowhere nothing backlash and rattles;
- by touch and size one by one with apple apple;
- it works perfectly, all functions, both telephone and multimedia, work normally: WiFi, Bluetooth, Java can be used;

- the first and most important thing in this model -awesome screen. Touch capacitive, it is very sensitive, of course, there is a multitouch. The colors of the interface are very bright and well-drawn. Unfortunately, this gives rise to the main disadvantage.
- the speed of work, it depresses. Although the platform, as in the previous review of MTK6235, but because of the well-drawn interface, the speed of work fell very much.
In general, a well-made, nice phone forown money (about 2.5 thousand rubles), but if the manufacturer optimized the firmware, the phone would be just wonderful. According to the menu and impressions of use, everything is the same as with the i68 4G. I just don’t really like Apple’s menu concept, Android is much closer to me.