2011 Promotion hot i68 4GS Free drop shipping

Probably there were already reviews of this phone.
I will make my own drop.
1) fast (turns on quickly, responds quickly)
2) Wi-Fi
3) Russian translation
1) constantly loses the network (constantly receive SMS about missed calls)
2) incoming SMS can come in an hour
3) periodically reboots

4) heat is audible
5) the battery lasts for 1 day (and you can not use it at all; the battery starts swearing every other day, but you can use it hard and it also lasts for 1 day = strange).
For 50 bucks a normal purchase, indulge and sell
By the way, there are chips that are not on the iphone): recognition of handwritten English text; recording a conversation on a voice recorder during a conversation;
I liked that through bluetooth you can climb on another phone and get full access to the phone (navigate through all phone directories + on a flash drive (delete, copy))