5 ″ navigator - 5 inch Car GPS Navigator, MTK, WIN CE5.0,800 * 480, Bluetooth, AV-IN, FM Transmitter, load 3D MAP

Thin 5 inch navigator with 800x480 screen, with video input, bluetooth and FM transmitter.
For the money I did not see better. And for the big ones too тоже
Now in more detail:
Normal modern navigator on the MTK chipset, in a pleasant version (body with zakosy for iPhone4)
Positive sides:

- Very compact for a screen of 5 "(thin frame), the thickness of only 12 mm.
- No shiny frames around the screen, glinting in lobovuha.
- Screen 800x480 (usually 480x272 - 3 times less pixels) - the map looks much better
- Modern MediaTek MT3351, 468MHz chipset
- Good flair and quick start. Really fast satellites find.
- Availability of video input. Works, checked.
- Working bluetooth. The navigator works like a HandsFree headset. When you turn on the bluetooth on the phone (or just when approaching the car) is automatically connected without any button presses.
He sees the phone book, call history and SMS. Even files on the phone can see and can view
- They say there is the possibility of access via the Internet to the Internet. To download traffic jams in cities where they are, well, you can just climb. I did not check.
- FM transmitter. They say that some are used to play music from the SD card to the radio instead of individual devices in the cigarette lighter. I do not use.
- Windows CE 5.0 is much better than 6.0. There is a way to windows, the ability to install programs. The registry is saved!
- Put an alternative menu, raped several navigation systems (I use only iGO Primo and Navitel 5.0) and a bunch of different software - total commander, all sorts of toys.
- Weak battery, like all avtonavigatorov. For an hour somewhere.
- The screen is not Super AMOLED, the sun fades, again like everyone else.
- RAM 64 MB. Could and put 128. But for now I have had enough of everything.
- Movies to view you need to convert, like all.
- The volume of the bluetooth without a stock.
- Search in the address book instead of Russian - tarabarian. Most likely it is being treated, but laziness is to look like как I’m used to look for the number on the phone itself, but to speak to the navigator.
In addition to the standard set (navigator, sucker,charger from 220, adapter in cigarette lighter, USB cable, cheapest earplug earphones and quite decent manual in English) the seller put two covers - a bag of thick velvety fabric and a “purse” of leatherette:

Sizes. Bottom for comparison, my old battle ASUS A636N, the train around the world
With comparable body sizes, its screen is only 3.5 "and 320x240 pixels.


Main menu:

Alternative menu:

Address book of the phone on the navigator:

The video input turns on itself when it appearsvideo signal. Clicking on the right side of the screen flips the image from left to right and back (for parking cameras), pressing the left side rotates the image by 90 degrees. When the video signal disappears, everything returns, the programs work on.
How do I connect the back-up camera - add pictures.
The seller shipped the goods quickly with tracking. He promised to give a discount on the following purchases
there is good forum for navigators on the MTK platform.
UPD: On the issue of memory ... hid under the "skimpy" spoiler so as not to clutter up:
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