The final part of the review of copies of the iPhone, although in my opinion this is not a copy, but a stylization for iPhone 4G.
About the pros:
- For me, the biggest plus - Android 2.2 with all the attendant buns in the form of ease of use and a huge number of programs and games;
- low price, quite functional smartphone costs less than 3 thousand rubles;

- MTK6516 platform is far from the fastest today, I would say, one of the slowest, but apparently cheap and supports dualsim;
- touch, the screen of the model is resistive (there were the same devices and a capacitive screen, but they are no longer available), with all the resulting drawbacks in the form of poor sensitivity.
This phone is used by the wife, probably, alreadyalmost half a year. There were no special jambs with the case during this time, although it does not wear in a case, there is no protective film on it and it is worn in the same compartment with keys and small items, and sometimes playful little hands of a very curious one-and-a-half-year-old child get to him and then the phone becomes very tight , because it begins to gnaw and eventually throw on the floor.
I myself also use a similar phone onAndroid, for me, the most intuitive interface of all the platforms that are at the moment. All functions work fine. In general, a good phone for a little money. However, at the moment I would not recommend it to anyone especially. The capabilities of Chinese phones are growing rapidly, and the price is quietly decreasing. Now for this money you can take a similar phone with a capacitive screen, but hopefully in a couple of months an updated platform with a more productive process will be available.