Upgrade hub with honest USB 2.0 to 7-ports

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Updated the review with information on the hub upgrade, with the addition of a photo and a speed test after the upgrade. Look under the cut :)
I found a USB 2.0 ali hub with a power supply for $ 6. I talked with the seller, found out its adequacy, he gave me a 10% discount "for the first order at the store."

The seller changed the conditions of purchase, now you can only buy 5 pieces, I found a similar offer from a larger store TOMTOP, they have some shares for this hub and its price has decreased to $ 5.56:
The same seller, but on ebay, the price is $ 4.79: ebay.com/itm/220777994336
A month later, a notice arrived and I went to lunch with my girlfriend from work.

Left the post office and a friend asked to stand to smoke together. Since I myself do not smoke, I decided to use the free minute to open the parcel, a friend took an autopsy on the phone.
I was somewhat surprised by the lack of a setpower supply. Instead, there were 2 AB-USB cables. Upon returning to work, I prepared a photo for the dispute from the video frames that the girlfriend shot, and opened it on the order page in my account on Ali.

I was interested and read reviews of similar products in Muska and found very little information about the functioning of such boxes. Is there a real USB 2.0 or fake found out in battle.
1) Nvtykal in it all that I found at hand.

To power the hub, I used a power supply from a Wi-Fi router, 5V 1.2A. Standard connector for 5 mm.

Power supplies are suitable from D-link routers, etc. For communication with the computer I used a USB cable from a scanner with two ferrite filters. The weight of the cable and filter gives the hub a weight and, as a result, a stable position on the table.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whistles work and are defined in the system without problems.

Boxing with a hard disk is easily and stably picked up by one wire.

Test copying movies to multiple media at once:

Pause for all but the hard disk in the box:

Conclusion: the device has a real USB 2.0, which was also found when opening the case on the controller label. The device is stable and during the tests there was not a single gap.
He decided to perform the autopsy for two reasons:
1) View controllers for marking
2) To bring the board into a stable position, since there was a gap in the case, the board was a little loose there.

USB 2.0 marking on the controllers and the appearance of the board.

View from the ports.

I figured out how to solve the problem of backlash of the board, cut out2 thin strips of laminated cardboard advertising card and tightly fixed the board with them. Looking ahead, I will say that the backlash of the board is also eliminated by soldering capacitors, which is discussed in more detail below.

I noticed on the board free seats, on which there were no capacitors. I decided to make an upgrade for greater stability and how to prevent possible future rollbacks.
Donors chose old video cards and pieces of boards from power supplies:

Here is what happened after soldering capacitors:

Kleil case of the hub with your favorite glue, keeps excellent and the smell is pleasant :)

Conducted measurements of voltage and stability after the upgrade.
Without computer connection:

Connecting the hub to the computer:

Connect the flash drive and drive:

Test copying movies to multiple media at once:

Pause for all but the hard disk in the box:

Pros of purchase:
1) Real USB 2.0.
2) Stable operation and definition of various devices in the system.
3) Stylish appearance.
4) Robust construction.
5) Possible upgrade (optional).
1) Instead of a power supply, put an extra USB A-B cable.
2) It is necessary to open the case and strengthen the board.
3) The USB cable in the kit is a bit short, but it fits for the laptop on the table (I wasn’t useful).
The overall impression of the product is positive, it performs its main functions. Possible incomplete (power supply). At this you need to pay attention when buying.
In any case, everyone decides on the purchase, I do not want to advise anyone.
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1) After opening the dispute, the seller apologized and agreed to return $ 3 for the power supply. This is a really honest seller.