Automatic dispenser for soap Xiaowei W66018XP

I have been using the first version of this soap box for a long time. Seeing the second, I decided to order immediately, promised to adjust the soap 0.6 or 1 gram, but I did not find it. Although on the box and on the product page it seems to be as indicated. Soap dish came with soap and batteries, which is good. The soap in the original is good, pleasant. It works better than the first one, but it's still hard for me to judge, because It is necessary to check with unoriginal soap. By the way, it became a little harder to fill up, now you have to hook up with something. The previous version was opened by hands, without using something. Taking into account the fact that there are no differences between them, I advise you to choose between the first and second versions purely in design, and the first one seems to be easier to fill.