Nikon lens mount with Aliexpress

A short story about how I ordered with Aliexpress a ring for repairing the bayonet on the Nikkor 18-105 lens and changed it myself
As usual, the story in text and video versions, to whom that is more convenient. Video at the end of the page.
My friend's Nikon camera fell off the table, with the result that the lens just separated from the camera. On examination, it turned out that the plastic bayonet ring was partially broken.

Everything else was like a whole. By the way, it is usually considered that the metal bayonet is better. And in general, it is. But in the case of such a fall, if the metal bayonet still breaks, then the damage will probably be more ambitious. The rest of the metal, of course, better, but the weak link breaks.
We turned the lens in our hands and thought,that the breakdown is in principle plea-only a ringlet to change. In appearance, nothing complicated, just unscrew the screws and rearrange them. Need to look, how much does the Chinese have such a spare part? Ali found a lot of options. Ordered in this store, because his order history is normal, well, just in case, two rings at once, all of a sudden, due to errors in manufacturing, one will not be established normally (I read that some had to undermine Chinese rings), but if everything is normal, then let it be a spare.
Ordered- received two rings in a simple bag

Compare the original broken-like match

Done fine, and I would not say that the plastic on Ali’s ringlets is somehow very different from the original.
Disassembling the lens turned out to be very simple; unscrew the screws, took off the ring. Indeed, just spit.
Installation also will not say that it is very difficult. I had to tinker a little with the gaskets under the ring, which were constantly trying to shift, and also with this detail, on which the contacts are located

She had to pull the tweezers upstairs and try to fasten at the same time. It seems to be simple, but the assembly took more time.
As a result, the bayonet ring is replaced, the lens is working properly.

Funny side effect: before the breakdown of the lens, the left edge was heavily washed at all focal lengths. After the replacement has become much better.
A story with a happy ending. The spare parts from China turned out to be quite high-quality; they managed to repair the broken lens for mere pennies. Along the way, it turned out that such a simple operation as replacing the bayonet ring can be done independently, without knowledge and experience.