Fable "Down jacket". Would you chase the Pop for cheapness ..

My husband and I decided one winterevening to warm. And stumbled upon this down jacket. Of course, the product always looks perfect on the mannequins, or whether they are pulling on the back of the clothespins, or something else.
We ordered the size L, the Chinese say that this is our size S-M.

Specially learned from the seller: what is the down jacket filled with and does the product correspond to reality, to which the Chinese reported that the down jacket is full of down and 100% but also looks like in reality.
Faster ordering it, we waited exactly 45 days.
Taking the goods from the post office, the joyful ones ran home in anticipation of seeing the long-awaited thing live.
The only thing the Chinese can do is pack. It was packaged 33 times, wrapped in various bags with and without bubbles.
Finally, having reached the last layer of the package, we saw a thin jacket.
It seems that either the Chinese seller’s eyes are completely stuck together or he fooled us.
"Down jacket" not from down, but inside with a thin layerstuffed sintepon, and then not in all places, apparently greatly saved. Color and material does not match the picture. Wear a jacket only to -5. Well, in general, the photo is all clearly.

Normally stitched, sometimes sticking threads.
More steamed with size, but surprisingly sitting more or less well.
And for visual comparison: what we wanted and what has come.
I advise you not to order, for the money now on sales, you can buy a better option.
Well, on the mission of the cat, is also very dissatisfied with the acquisition.