A quick review of the iHarbort case for Apple iPad 4

In this express review, you will learn about the case for iPad 4
This tablet I have a little more than 5 years. My old case, which I bought for ~ $ 37 (bought offline, I suspect that with a large surcharge) after 4.5 years looked awful:
Photos of the old cover (carefully, shock content)

It is because of this that I wanted to buy a new case. At first I was looking for some cases for this tablet in Muska, but I did not find it. Searching on Aliexpress, I found this miracle for $ 8.90 (now the price is $ 11) and I did not lose.
General form

The case fits perfectly on the tablet. The cover sticks well to the tablet magnet, the function of auto unlocking and turning on the screen works. The color of the cover is uniform. On the product page it is indicated that this is PU Leather or as it is now fashionable to say eco-leather, that is, a quality replacement for genuine leather. For half a year of use, the coating has not deteriorated and the case still looks good.
The only thing on the cover itself was an easy marriage, it can be clearly seen in this photo:
Easy marriage - hike hooked knife

Like most similar cases, its upper part can be folded to view the content or to type texts:

Case weight 220 g

After half a year of use case as new

To the advantages in comparison with the previous case, I would refer to the fact that the top cover consists of 4 parts, and not 3. This increases the stability of the tablet when the cover is folded into the content absorption mode.
I do not see minuses, except for an easy marriage, but I think that it is a joint of my copy.