Electromagnetic Radiation Detector (50Hz ~ 2000MHz)

Hello, dear friends!
Acquired and tested the operability of the electromagnetic radiation detector. I ask for a cozy cat :)
Let's start from afar, I don’t watch TV myself, butwhen I visit my parents I look with one eye when I communicate with my mother. This is how, with a mother, a piece of transmission was watched with my mother, in which, the crew of the NTV channel “Mysterious Russia” ran to the cemetery with a detector of electromagnetic radiation.

The announcer, in a grave voice, said: “Today it is reliably known that an elevated electromagnetic background is actually capable of negatively influencing people. To push them into rash, risky actions and even suicide. ”And so on, I don’t remember the ghosts they caught there or something else, now it’s not important.
I thought that it would be nice to measure the radiation in the server, besides my mother also wanted this. High-voltage power lines inspire horror to many people, or rather the proximity of living from them.
On the Internet I read that there are householdDetection sensors "harmful electromagnetic fields that occur from high-voltage lines, television screens, computers, microwave ovens, etc. Experts believe that, starting from the level of 2-3mG, these electromagnetic fields increase the risks of some diseases (for example, such as cancer). ”
There is a video about such a device, though the price is there 2000 r, who is too lazy to look for www.chipdip.ru/video.aspx?vid=ID000258347
There is also for 140 420 rubles, here www.ciklon.ru/prod/pribor/pribor-0.htm, but this is for gourmets :)
He sat, looked for Chinese counterparts in online stores and came across this instance.
I talked with the seller, asked, as always, to give a discount, this time they gave 20% as for “the first order in your store”.
I paid $ 13, sent and gave the track. I waited 24 days, here's the track.

The package is well packed, hermetically sealed, the device is in a separate box, the condition of the box is excellent, the batteries were not included, this is my own:

Sharply inserted the battery:

Checked performance, squeaked and showedthe numbers on the screen, when presented to power cables and household appliances, everything is in order, the device works. The control is very simple: the first red button to turn on, the second to freeze the values ​​on the screen.
Almost immediately decided to disassemble it:

The antenna crumpled inside was somewhat confused,Immediately decided to straighten it and put it along the body, making small cuts with a clerical knife (as it turned out later, it was not superfluous, for it was sensitively increased by several times):

It is not clear in what units the devicemeasures the intensity of the electromagnetic field, presumably in milligauss (mG). It is difficult to say for sure, since the device is not certified in Russia and it cannot be used to legally assess the suitability of workplaces (you can only illegally :)
Measured tensions near “high voltagelines, the device rolls over and furiously squeaks, but at a distance of 10 m from the line, it calms down and shows 0. This greatly pleased mom, since the house is far beyond the boundary of these 10 meters. Although the reinforced concrete pylon LEP 220/380 V with porcelain linear insulators can hardly be called high voltage.
He plans to visit his grandfather and measure in the apartment the background of “harmful fields” that prevent him from sleeping.
1) No certification in Russia
1) Compact size
2) Low price
3) Low weight
This is my first review of such a complicated thing. A request to the gentlemen of techies on the face not to kick much :)
Recorded a video of the sensor without the hands of a person: