Dispenser for toilet paper. A bit wrong product that I wanted.

Good day!
Today there will be an article in general about a good, but not the most successful experience with such a simple thing as a toilet paper holder)
From the good news: the goods are delivered to your home by courier from IML Express, in 4-5 days.
Packaging looks like this:

Packing photos

And the dispenser itself:
Photo dispenser

And now its size and weight:
Dimensions and weight

Description: The dispenser is quite large, 25.5cm to 26.5cm. The thickness of the metal is 0.5mm (the photo is slightly at an angle), the metal is thick to the touch (the weight of the dispenser is 1073g), and if you press the dispenser, there is no backlash or deflection. I think the castle is very powerful for such a simple thing.
Complete set: Key from the lock, 3 dowels and 3 self-tapping screws.
But, the whole picture (for me personally) is spoiled by a few nuances ...
Nuances: For home use, it may seem a bit huge. He has an incredibly sleek, glossy case.
But the biggest failure for me is the impossibility of using plain paper. The diameter of its sleeve is much smaller. It is necessary to use special paper for such dispensers.
Paper problems

Conclusions: In general, it is good if you take into account all the important nuances in advance.
There is still a coupon)

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