Decent speaker Meizu A20 - Bluetooth, Aux, 1800 mAh battery

Hello. Today I decided to write a small review of the column from Meizu - Meizu A20. Generally speaking, there was a time, somewhere in 2014, when Meizu and Xiaomi were keeping abreast. The quality of these two companies was a cut above the rest of China. Phones diverged hundreds of thousands. But in 2015 the situation changed and Xiaomi noticeably overtook Meizu. Now everyone is obsessed with “xiaomi”, and the “meizu” somehow began to be forgotten. But the loss of market position did not affect the quality of products. One of the little-known products of Meizu is the Meizu A20 Bluetooth speaker. My acquaintance with bluetooth speakers began after the very sale on JD, where I was able to grab an oval-shaped column for $ 0.01 (cost $ 23 without a stock, like).

She looked like this. There were tons of such speakers, but under different brands. I think many have been. The sound was very loud in it, but with noises. She worked about 3 hours, there was even a radio! it only worked when the micro USB cable was connected - it was the antenna. Also there was an opportunity to listen to music from a microSD card.

Package The device comes in whitecarton package. Well, just like Xiaomi products, though the Meizu inscription reveals everything. The front side shows the front panel of the column, and the back side shows the main pieces. Inside the box is a speaker, brief instructions and a small strap for carrying the gadget on your arm.

On the reverse side of the characteristics of the column, also in the style of xiaomi - all in Chinese.

Inside is the column itself in cellophanebag, and next to it an additional strap loop. I note that the kit does not have either a cable or a charger, Meizu believes that you already have them. Or purchase separately. For me, so good move, if it really reduces the price. I have a lot of charge and cables.

Characteristics 1800 mAh battery
Bluetooth 4.2
The frequency range of 100-20 000 Hz
Weight 170 g
Mono speaker
Strap can be useful for example in nature,You can hang a column on a branch or at home somewhere to attach. Who does not need this eyelet can not hang, in general, it is not quite a standard solution. The instruction is completely in Chinese, but I understood from it that the microphone is on the front side. Immediately about the microphone, it is very quiet - it is not very good for talking on the speakerphone.

The column comes in two colors: gray and white. He took a gray color, looks more solid) The design is universal, round thing normally fits into any interior. The front panel has the shape of a semicircle. Made of white porous plastic. To output the sound, small holes-dots with a certain pattern are provided. Just below - a translucent insert is also made of plastic. It looks elegant, especially with a working button illumination (right and left, about them a little later).

The frame is made under the ground metal. The rest of the body is a matte plastic, not rough, like a frontal area. Along the edge is a silver bezel, it stands out against the background of dark gray plastic.

At the bottom of the front is a glossy insert: there are volume buttons. When the music plays, they glow blue, and when the audio device charges, the color changes to red. I didn’t like the following in the buttons: the move is very hard, “plastic”, that is, the pressure is due to plastic bending. It is not very pleasant to use such oak buttons. The button in the middle is responsible for answering a call and turning on a pause.

There is a rubber on the backthe cover is a dummy, it closes with a 3.5 mm port and microUSB. The first is needed to connect the cable, suddenly you do not want to listen to music via Bluetooth, but prefer a wired connection. Micro USB port is used for charging. No microSD flash drives can not be put, and it is not necessary.

On the back of the column is flata rubber platform, in the center of which there is a power button with a very pleasant soft stroke. To turn on you need to hold down the button for a few seconds. The speaker itself is obtained at an angle to the surface, for the best sound.

Connection processConnects to the columnas simple as possible, turn on Bluetooth, find the Meizu A20 and select it. During the connection, the + - buttons blink in blue, and are constantly lit when connected. In the status bar of the phone there is information about the speaker volume and battery status. There is a moment in volume: the speaker is turned on at 50% volume, to make 100% - we turn the phone 100 and then the column itself with the + button 100%.

Impressions of useI liked thatMeizu A20 plays loud and clear even at maximum volume, no rattling or wheezing, as in the same cheap column that I showed at the beginning. There are even some no bass, surround sound, albeit a mono speaker. By the way, if the column is in standby mode, then it is automatically turned off after 10 minutes. By operating time: 16 hours - 50% of the volume, 8-9 hours at 100% and charging about 1 hour. The volume at the maximum fully met the expectations - 5W speakers are enough for nature. The speaker itself is very pleasant and comfortable, there is only a note on the hard volume buttons.
Conclusion The Meizu A20 is a solid Bluetooth speaker,which is nothing superfluous. Plays gorgeous, volume enough. I would like more nice buttons and more volume sound. The microphone is mediocre, but personally I don’t need it at all here. Generally speaking, I rarely listen to music from it, it is much more comfortable with headphones (I mean at home, for myself, and not for the company). Most often, I use it to watch movies - well, just like in a movie theater! never thought how comfortable it is. I also like to play some toys with surround sound - the same wot blitz for example. Completely different gaming atmosphere
Now there is a sale, the price is $ 23.8. Until September 13, you can take a coupon for another $ 5 here. It turns out $ 18.79. You can still through the application to bring down cents 20.
At this I have everything, thank you all!