Door peephole, what could be easier?

Door peephole, what could be easier?

Starting repairs in the parents' apartment, I immediately decided to improve and insulate the metal front door installed
many years ago.
Steel sheet only on the outside, on the inside of the hardboard with insulation. Throwing out liquid mineral wool,

filled inside the cavity with sheets of thick foam. The old blanket and the new leatherette from the market went into action.
The door has become not only better in appearance, but also improved sound insulation. (from outside, the bell is no longer audible)
Thickness increased by 30mm.! If everything was in order with the lock, (long lever keys and building the cylinder spinner easily solved the problem of the door thickness), then there were not enough eyes. The old turned into a temporary gag and was
ordered a new one with the same diameter of 16mm., so as not to modify the door, the greater length. Option with electronics did not even consider. It is difficult for older people to teach how to use such things properly. All that came across "from optical glass in metal" had a small working length. Charter to look, I saw this "sample of high technology" and made an order. According to reviews, everything was fine. It came very quickly, 18 days!

What we have as a result of the purchase, for a lot of money:

The first thing that alerted this picture is slightly out of focus. And the old peephole had a clearer picture!
The first analysis of crafts:
Good enough tokarka, without obvious burrs from brass. Slightly "knocks out" only the lens ring, noticed this when
finish assembly. And a standard set of plastic lenses! But about this "manufacturer" modestly kept silence, nothing
guaranteeing just stupidly zooming inlens to the lens, to increase the viewing angle. All, even small, changes in the distance between the lenses of the optics, lead to distortion along the boundaries of the review, decrease the viewing angle,
zamylivaniyu and other bad effect. About the increase in the number of lenses, and changes in the structure, with an increase in the length of the optical system, the manufacturer does not even think.
We do not do Burris sights, but door eyes. And we just make the nut longer and so it goes.
Old peephole

This is how a normal widescreen peephole works. Here, how many do not change the position of the pupil, only squint earn.

I pushed the magnifying lens over the step, (closer to the side of the eye) making a new support sleeve for the reverse lens
system of a piece of felt-tip pen and fixed it on the reverse side of the cut along the tube of its remnants.

Adjusted the peephole in the "infinity". Clarity became normal. This is more important for elderly people than the mythical viewing angle.
I will not troll about parallax and diopter adjustment, or else “commentators” will run from other forums.
Plastic lenses with remnants of sprues.

You can clearly see a small amount of thread in the "nut", it can not be cut, that would put the peephole in the narrower door.
This is done in order to make it easier to twist with misalignment, incorrect tolerances and deformation of the twisted parts.

I checked the result after installation, putting a stool in front of the door while the edge was visible and measuring the legs with a tape measure.
I calculated the angle of view, after the "stool method"
All assembled using wipes for cleaning optics and thread locking for nuts nuts.
It is possible to consider the task completed with an effort.
A more attractive look, a clear field of view (due to fresh lenses)
and the same cheesy plastic peephole in the new packaging.