ELM327 Bluetooth Adapter for OBD-II

One of the most inexpensive bluetooth adapters for ELM327 based OBD2 diagnostic connector that I managed to find.
Before buying, I communicated with the seller in a chat - quickly and clearly answered all questions. It was a long time, 36 days, but this was due to our mail - the parcel left the seller pretty quickly.

Chip version 1.4b. Made carefully, to the appearance of no complaints.
The adapter is installed in auto Hyundai Solaris, as the diagnostic software took Torque for android. The phone has identified a bluetooth device withoutproblems, PIN: 1234. Indicators are read, everything works and looks quite plausible. While testing only a few hours, I’ll add further information as far as I use it if something new comes to light.
Photo device

While I can only note one drawback, but hespecific to the car: the adapter is quite large, and the fuse compartment cover (where the OBD block is located) does not close without additional fiddling.