Fotomelochevka, or sketch in ruble tones.

Good day. A couple of months ago, I unexpectedly acquired a 650D and joined the dense rows of canonafiles. And I decided to order some useful (?) Small things, but what came of it ...
1. Plugs on the hot shoe flash. (the model for the show served as an old Zenith 11)

What surprised me in the picking of the camera was nothing, what would be possible to cover the sync contact flash. After a brief search, opted for these two.
The first, a simple piece of plastic bought in for $ 0.9, we sell this piece of plastic already 100 rubles each. I think there is no need to paint his aerodynamic properties in particular, I will briefly sit in the connector as my own and won't just be lost.

The second cap was also purchased on for $ 1.85 (now $ 0.98), outbid prices are already 150 rubles. The plug, in addition to the pleasant soft-touch plastic, also enhances the skill of “dragging down the horizon” by adding a small level to it.

No minuses found, both plugs are suitable, I recommend to use.
2. HDMI cable (analogue of the Canon HTC-100).
Continuing to cure excess greeda little known in narrow circles, the photo company turned its attention to a piece of cable with two connectors at the ends which in the manual to the camera was called the Canon HTC-100. Looking at prices in bourgeois stores 40-50 $ and in local 1000-1500 rub., I chose The price of $ 2.6 for some reason I liked more.

150 cm long, two gold-plated (?) HDMI connector and mini HDMI, on the TV I took the picture from the camera without problems. Well, what else can I write about the cable, I will not test for a break and do not ask. After receiving, I remembered that I still have the same cable from Novo7 Aurora, plugged in and made sure that it works fine. Well, okay, it will be in reserve, if something is done with porridge in a hungry year =)
3. Canon Hood EW-60C II
This blend is recommended for EF 24mm f / 2.8, but I decided to try it on the whale 18-55.

Petal lens hood with a diameter of 58mm, plastic matte.
Honestly, pay for this piece of plastic. a thousand ponytail I consider rubles not just stupidity, but mentala disease that should be permanently treated with electric current and multi-colored pills. And since I had no problems with an adequate perception of the surrounding world, I ordered it to taobao. Together with the percentage of intermediary, it cost me $ 4.45
It was taken to combat backlighting, "hares" and other parasites. Due to the fact that this camera I have recently quite failed to make normal tests.
Here are two crops, I apologize in advance for the quality.

4. Remote control.
Bought on taobaoIt cost about $ 3. It is powered by one CR2025. Dimensions of the console: 88x33x6

S - the bird takes off instantly, 2S-departureinhibited birdies after a couple of seconds. For what it is not clear (S-W-T), they refused to work with the 650D and Minolta A200. There are suspicions that the combination of these keys opens a portal to hell. For myself, I decided that the presence of keys whose purpose remains a mystery frightens me (anything can happen, pressed and forgive Iowa), for this reason buyincoins bought a simple remote with one big button (still on the way)
5. Protective plastic for display.
To protect the display from the harmful effects of the world on aliexpress for $ 5.50 was purchased this piece of plastic. And in vain ...

After installation, the display is not very goodclosed, as the plastic is quite thick in comparison with a simple protective film. And the most unpleasant, for the same reason, the sensor began to work much worse. So in the near future I will put the film on the display again, and this plastic will go to the trash can.

P.S. In China, one does not see the 650D touch screen. I highly recommend not to buy.
6. Hand belt
Well, I don’t like to carry a device around my neck. Of course there is nothing difficult to wrap the neck strap on your arm and save the N-th amount of money, but we will go the other way.
The belt was purchased on aliexpress for $ 5.6

Photos from the seller

Mounting method:

Of the benefits to the quality of anyclaim. But the cons, fastening the belt completely closes the battery pack, the belt is designed in such a way that it will be rather difficult to quickly put it on or take it off. In general, not impressed, and ordered myself still this (for comparison price in Russia and over the hill), let's see how convenient it will be.
7. Cleaning kit for optics
Bought on taobao cost about $ 6 in local stores from 500 to 1000 rubles. The set was purchased mainly because of the pear

In the set:
Pear - to remove large particles of dust.
A brush - to remove small spears and dust particles that are not blown away with a pear.
Microfiber cloth and cotton swabs - for a thorough cleaning of the display of the camera, viewfinder.
Spray lenses and special wipes - to remove hard-to-remove stains, such as stains of dried spray or greasy fingerprints.
Matrix Brush - for cleaning the sensorCamera The set is suitable, especially for such a price. The only spray would not be used for optics, the maximum for the display, I tried on the filter for a long time to remove the divorces.
8. 58mm photo filters

The first thing I bought is a Kenko safety glass on taobao It cost about $ 5. Our prices start from 500 rubles. Glass as glass did not notice critical changes in the photo with it.
The second is a set of 7 used Jassops filters purchased on ebay cost 1,743 rubles. I will dwell on them in more detail.
First, the appearance, the box is worn but the inner plastic packaging and glass in perfect condition. On the packaging and filters it says what was done in Japan, the company itself Jessops located in England.
Now to the filters themselves:
Test shot without filter

GC-BLUE blue gradient filter, mainly used to underline or darken the sky.

GC-BROWN gradient brown, should be interesting when landscape shooting, autumn, sunsets.

ND-4 neutral transmittance filter25% of light. Mainly used to reduce excess brightness, shooting on a sunny day, mountains, beach, snow. To increase the exposure value for example when shooting waterfalls.

DIFFUSION This filter has an uneven and, therefore, during normal color reproduction, slightly “blur” the sharp boundaries of objects. The main purpose is portrait photography, but they also work well when shooting landscapes with good sunny side, and especially backlit. Their effect can be compared with the effect of “soft focus”, which is also very well suited for macro photography of flowers. In general, quite an interesting glass.

C.P.L. Circular polarizing filter, used to reduce glare and reflections, and also enhances the color. For example, when taking a landscape photo on a sunny day, the polarizing filter makes the sky bluer, the clouds are whiter, and the greens are more juicy.

Since the whale lens in the process of settingthe front lens rotates, you have to hold the rotating part of the filter during focusing, or shoot on manual focus. The two last filters 81A and 80B are correction filters that were mainly used for film cameras without automatic white balance, I have not yet invented using it with my camera.

Well, that's probably all. I hope that this review is useful to someone. If you have questions, ask or in the LAN or in the comments, I will try to answer them.
One request not to make a photo holivar.
Thank you for your time.