Free Shipping! Best Selling! vacuum packing! size: 3mm 216pcs / set / Buckyballs, Neocube, Magnetic Balls / color: nickel

Looking for the cheapest options for this toymyself in the city concluded that the prices are simply exorbitant (from $ 30). A little searching on Ali stumbled upon a good option, delivery 40+ days - thanks mail rashki ...
I think no need to imagine what neokub
if nevertheless ...

photo and "+" with "-" below ...

I ordered 3 units for sale, in the end I left 2 cubes for myself
+ relatively low price than in offline stores
+ high quality, no dents and scuffs on balls
+ tight grip of balls (it is not clear why, but really stronger than other cubes ... it was possible to hold in the hands of others)
+ adequate provider
- the diameter of the balls is too small for me (maybe for someone plus, fine finger motility develops even better)
- long delivery (Russian post is always a minus)
Photo session

On the whole, and in general, I am satisfied with the purchase, very much develops thinking and fantasy, a great thing for a gift