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Hello to all the readers. Since you often have to install computer networks and lay cables, I decided to save a little and order RJ-45 crimp connectors.
For those who want to know my opinion - positive emotions in the full sense. Below there will be a little more detail on the quality of our mail and customs work for a snack.

Standard connectors of factory execution. Everything is done well. There is no flow of plastic. Contacts are good in the veins. According to the tests, the characteristics of the standard 5e are fully maintained. There is simply nothing to check for category 6. The outer shell of the four-pair is crimped very securely, it is difficult to pull out with your hands (if you wish, you can break the steel ball). For durable crimping of the two-pair cable sheath, it is worthwhile to enclose the cut piece of the same cable sheath. It is practically impossible to pull out the crimped veins themselves. I am satisfied with the purchase - I recommend this seller.
Now about customs and mail.
The first thing I would like to show is the track:

It turns out almost a month package got to Russia. In fact, for several days he arrived in our country and was lying in one of the huge heaps of parcels.
If you look closely at the track, thenyou will see that the package was handed to me on December 24th, but I took it at 8.45 am Moscow time on December 26th, 2012. Russian Post is ahead of all. It turns out I was given a package by instant teleportation to the future.
Further, even more negative - the package was handed to me here in this form:

To put it mildly, I was surprised.
Coming home was not too lazy to count ... and what do you think ?? Exactly 100 pieces. As stated in the joke "we found the spoons, but the sediment remained"
Joke nicely