Hotsale for kids, best gift

An interesting educational toy for children and a good Russian voice!
Added VIDEO.
Hello to all!
I decided to look, and what can I actually take for my 2.8 year old child, preferably in Russian and interesting?
I was surprised to find this crafts, of course with close attention I studied all the inscriptions on it, that there would be no crooked words and awkward pictures, I studied and satisfied with what I had seen and ordered.

Having received the box at the post office, by the way the parcel came out of China 2012-11-27, and I received it on 19-01-2013, I made it at home for the public and disassembled. It is packaged very simply on a box wound in one layer of a pimple and a postal bag is tightened on all this, but the post office has spared it and the box is only slightly wrinkled, in the future I will ask you to pack it more thoroughly.
Opening a colorfully decorated box with Russian inscriptions I saw a plastic case in which the game was placed, in addition to the device itself there were notches for batteries, exactly under 3 pieces, but they were empty ... of course, they could have invested nonsense.
In general, I got a "tablet" loaded into itBatteries and launched (I will make a reservation, there were many fears that the voice of the voice will be crooked, but they were not confirmed, the magnificently set children's voice on a pure great and mighty pronounces all the words and letters).
The miracle of the Italian technician caught fire, flashed and greeted with a human voice

All buttons work well, there are many functions, the child is happy, especially with the backlight!
Conclusion: The device is very, very well assembled, good material and great voice for a little money, I recommend!