Reached the hands of a small review of the Chinese tablet.
At the time of purchase, in the spring, the tablet was sharper than Chinese technological thought, with
Adequate price is enough ~ 4 500 rubles with delivery.

CPU: AllWinner A10, ARM Cortex-A8, 1GHz
GPU: Mali 400

Screen: 7 ", 1024 × 600, multitouch on 5 touches, matrix type IPS-LCD
Connectivity: WiFi b / g / n, 3G modems via USB host
GPS: no
Interfaces: miniUSB-Host, mini-HDMI, 2.5 mm audio, microSD memory card slot
Multimedia: built-in stereo speakers, front 0.3 megapixel camera for Skype
Battery: 3.7V 3400mAh declared by the manufacturer, operating time 4 hours or more.
Dimensions: 17.40 x 11.80 x 0.89 cm
Weight: 270 grams
I got the device in a white case. There are other options, such as brutal black.
Aluminum back cover. It's incredibly stylish, but after a few days it starts to wear out.
and leaves strips on the table and other solid surfaces. Remember the buttons on the school uniform?
Here, here it will be:

In addition to the aluminum back cover, the tablet has a few more aces in the sleeve to finally conquer you.
This is a really good IPS screen with an acceptable resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels and excellent viewing angles:

The weight is only 270 grams and it is very thin - 8.9 mm.
Very, very thin:

In comparison with the phone HUAWEI Honor:

It can be made to creak and play, but you need to make enough effort. Build my specimen special
no complaints, but it's like a cat in a bag, right?
Connectors and Controls
With buttons, everything is simple. The tablet has 4 hardware buttons. The power button, menu, back and home (I do not even know how
better to call in Russian). Hardware buttons to control the volume, alas, no. There is also a hidden button type
hard reset. I use it epically often. From the connectors everything is clear, but not quite standard. Apparently the thickness
the tablet did not allow the standard headphone jack to fit normally in it, so
use a 2.5 mm jack. You will need special headphones, however they are included, but terrible
qualities, or an adapter to your favorite "ears". In addition, there are power connectors, HDMI (without an adapter, of course), USB (with an adapter for connecting peripherals).

Yes, there is still a camera with 0.3MP sensor. There is nothing more to say about it, except that there is a Skype working assembly under
allwinner processors. Skype works and amen!
About the speed of the iron, benchmarks and other joys have already been written a lot.
Especially nothing has changed. There is a good review on Habré, for example.
What for?
The most interesting question. I took the device as a reader. I understand the groans of people who say
read only on E-link screens. Read! I read very well from this excellent screen, but from
from grayish E-link screens, eyes strain more.
Reading from such a device is simply wonderful, plus its low weight allows you not to strain your hands.
Well, then it's a tablet. Here you can see the Internet from the sofa, read the news, see the maps, use
dictionary, plus support for formats and, of course, you can watch a movie!
Here is the device on top. With the help of MX Player’s almost everything is played. I did not test specifically, but everything
what looked was played perfectly both from the internal memory of the device, and from the flash drive and on WIFI from NAS
For example, here's the movie "Oil" from a flash drive. Rip on 8Gb. It goes completely without hesitation (in the photo you can see perfectly :))):

A spoon of tar?
First, it is not a stable quality. On sadness and despondency reigns.
Battery ... 4 hours is the maximum, the maximum.
For me, the biggest problem is the dampness of the firmware.
Native is completely non-working and it is almost impossible to put anything out of the market without dancing.
The browser may think for a few minutes and hang the device.
After a full charge, do not turn on without a hard reset.
Many problems are solved by installing CyanogenMod 9, but the firmware for this hardware is still in beta
and deep, moreover.
My modest needs tablet fulfills 80% percent. Perhaps after improving the firmware will
even better.
If you have any questions, please.