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Touch screen phone.
There were similar reviews, but I want to tell you about my first phone buying experience on Chinese websites.
The photo is a similar phone. The one that I bought is here
There was a goal to buy a phone for my wife's brother for 1000 rubles. Skimming through our stores, I realized that the choice is not great. The choice of all three models (Samsung, LG, Nokia) of the classical form, whose screen size is equal to 1/3 of the matchbox, and the functions in the phone are at a minimum.

I wanted something more modern, with a point, and more functions, in the form of MP3, bluetooth, camera, well, etc. The only condition was the price, that is, not to get out for an amount of 1000 rubles.
Search did not take me long. I had to choose from all the sellers, the one who has the same phone the least of all. Then I had to track the dollar to buy at a bargain price (I spent a week on it). As a result, I ordered the phone for 951.57 rubles. ($ 33.87). In anticipation of waiting for the parcel. The seller promptly sent me the phone and issued a track number. I was delighted, but suddenly the order moved to the status of Transaction Frozen. The seller became inactive, and I could not contact him. In short, I did not have time to write a letter, because the next day I went to the South to rest. When I arrived, literally a day later I went to receive goods from China and they gave me a package in which there was a telephone.
The package is packed soundly, but our mail can spoil anything :). I open the package, the box is whole, only the corners are flattened. The box is small.

I open the box and discover the following:
1. the phone itself and some half-room (plastic cover on the back wall)
2. two batteries BL-4С (from Nokia)
3. charger with USB plug, with adapter for our sockets
4. headset
5. USB phone cable
6. instruction, 4 small leaves written in small print (2 sheets in Chinese, 2 in English) and no pictures

I look around the phone, it is made under the iPhone, evenbitten apple to eat. Made good, nothing backlash and no creaks. Many imitations of the original. On the right there is an imitation of a connector for the SIM, and under the bolts.

I'm trying to remove the back cover, it does not work. Tried to open with my wife for 10 minutes, it turned out I needed to gently move it and pull it towards myself. Inside I find two connectors for SIM cards - yes, yes, the device supports work with two SIM cards. There is a slot for microSD card.

I insert the SIM card into the first slot and microSD card, then I connect the battery. I put on the back cover and turn it on. ABOUT!!! it also works :).

I look around the phone again and find the stylus.

By trial and error I expose the Russian language. It turns out to scroll lists is convenient to use the keys "+" and "-" on the left side of the phone.

The phone has a small built-in memory as much340 kb, so there is nothing serious not to post. I tried the bluetooth - it works. From the phone of the wife (nokia 5800) and from our old Samsung i900 communicator, we quietly transferred different files.
They connected the phone with a computer, there are two disks (memory and microSD card are built in). We recorded music, video on microSD.
Now on impressions:
- screen brake. More precisely, the brake is most likely a processor, since There was a vibration from pressing, and sometimes the phone did not work out the commands.
- screen resolution small 240x320
- the sound is sharp, there is no bottom.
- microphone is average. Tried to talk on the phone, the interlocutor is audible, but the quality is not ice
- Russian and English font when writing is at different heights. It feels like letters are dancing, although they are located on one line.
- Java is, but did not have time to test
- video plays with brakes (the sound goes, and the picture sometimes freezes).
- camera for jackdaws. The maximum resolution of images is 640x480. and you can only shoot in a vertical position (in this position, horizontal shots are obtained. On the lid, the window for the lens was slightly not aligned, therefore the upper corners are slightly darkened.
- consumes battery sparingly. I lay for almost a week, the charge level decreased by half.
- there is a radio. Station catches, reception is average.
Conclusion: if we compare it with phones that are sold at us for 1000 rubles, then this device is better. In general, I will put the phone number three on a five-point system. Who has a very limited budget - to take.
Now sold devices with support for Fi-Wi and TV and are not so expensive.