JXD-339 3.5ch mini helicopter gyro 22cm throttle r / c heli helicoptor

Mini radio-controlled helicopter JXD-339 with ala-express.
Good toy, not a bad gift.
Rather, the vert is not p / u and on the infrared remote, but it does not nearly underestimate his abilities.
Flexible bearing and working elements, which gives it a special vitality and resistance to breakage. Beautiful LED lights. Easy and precise control.

On this machine, we managed to make a couple of dozen combat missions, after which the partner also liked it (we sit in the same room), I had to sell it ... (begged)
During the tests at the site, the car proved to be reliable, unpretentious, resistant to numerous falls and breakdowns.
Not once entered the corkscrew on the wall, on objects andfurniture, rested against the ceiling and fell to the floor, but the vert worthily survived the harsh Russian reality. Still remains in full alert. Only a little more was the notch on the rotor blades. From an unscheduled repair I had to fix the battery inside to maintain alignment, I flew a little because was secured on two-sided scotch.
If your child doesn't have toys in his handslong (breaks), then this vert should live much longer, of course with the condition! do not walk on it, do not repair it with a hammer, operate it only from the console.
Tactical Specifications:
* battery charging time is about 30-40 minutes, it is relatively fast in comparison with heavier models, where charging is 2-3 hours
* flight time about 5 minutes
* loading capacity 1 tea bag
* beautiful LED lighting, confusing modern air defense systems (on / off from the remote)
* relatively easy and accurate control, on the remote there is a button like "turbo" faster / slower control mode
How many have flown on other types of mini helicopters including 4-channel helicopters, on this so far I have higher rates of “aerobatics” see the video:

In the process of flight operation noticedthe next, I think not one of me, it is hard to hover over a flat surface at low altitudes (above the table, floor), because of the air eddies created by itself, the model begins to lead to the side. I partially got into the cup on the table (see video), but according to the scenario, the bag was dipped in there, the bag gets wet, it remains heavy in the cup, and I fly away to the side with a victory. Soak only the tip of the bag, and he himself fell.
Also, when flying close to the wall, very closebegins to attract her, which will lead to a forced hard landing (fall). Something similar is noticed if you have rested against the ceiling, as if you are sticking to it, in order to get out, you throw off the momentum, and as a result you often flop to the bottom.
1. One package, dented by mail. What I often say to sellers to pack such things more carefully. And if they put this packaging in an additional cardboard box, then the presentation of the packaging remains much better.
2. The helicopter itself - 1 pc.
3. Charging to USB - 1pc. Charge either with a USB computer, or you will have to have a separate 220V to 5V USB charger. It is not expensive.
4. Chinese-English instruction - 1 pc. From the pictures, you can understand a lot without knowing these languages.
5. Repair kit:
5.1. Spare blades - 2pcs.
5.2. Flyber lever - 2pcs.
5.3. Gear on the engine - 2pcs. Once already flew, and it was put, from rem. kit did not reach.
5.4. Tail screw-1pcs
6. Remote control - 1pc. Infrared. There were no problems with him. It is possible to charge the worm from the console itself. The remote will require six AA batteries. From the remote control is possible:
6.1. Rotor speed, up / down. Left lever.
6.2. Turn in place left / right. Right arm.
6.3. Moving forward / backward due to tail rotor. Right arm.
6.4. On / off LED backlight left button.
6.5. On / off fast / slow control mode right button.
6.6. Trimer (adjustment at the rate, twist, potentiometer) to set a stable position of the worm in the hung state. To spontaneously did not rotate, and hung exactly.