Perfume Capsule | Mini review

This atomizer capsule is used to injectperfume for everyday carrying. I bought at the request of a person, but decided not to miss the chance to make a small review on this issue, since the thing, judging by the number of orders, is in great demand among the people.
Capacity: 5ml

Function: perfume storage
External material: aluminum
Internal material: PP
The capsule came in a small envelope. The packaging method is standard - plastic bag.

The color in this case is matt blue. In general, most colors are essentially female. Men, mostly, order themselves black or silver, a little less - blue. This is judged by the photos in the reviews.

The flask is made of light metal, in the descriptionit is said that it is aluminum. On the side there is a window through which you can visually observe the level of injected fluid. The material of the inner tank is already plastic.

View in hand

The end of the cap is domed, i.e. cannot be put on a flat surface only with the valve side, but it will be easy to tip over

From the other end - a valve through which the perfumed liquid is pumped into the tank

The sprayer is the simplest, made of black glossy plastic, there are notches on the back side

Chrome-plated bushing - metal, which surprised as I was expecting painted plastic

The head with the spring lidding mechanism was able to be removed, but with difficulty.

Dimensions and weight.
Capsule length - slightly more than 8 cm, thickness 17 mm. Weight 12 gr. (without liquid)

The filling of the inner tank takes place as shown in the animated image below, i.e. the capsule must be kept upright with the valve down.

When spraying, you can still notice a flurry of small droplets, the spray angle itself is about 60 degrees

Especially for checking, after refueling, it does notused a couple of weeks, and during this time the level of liquid inside has not changed. What he was, and remained so. So - no impermeability is present. In general, the task of preserving and spraying liquid stray cope. The moment that the outer flask is made of metal comes already as a nice addition. I also ordered myself, but already silver.