Kinamax 5800mW 58dbi Wifi Lan Card, High Power Wireless USB Adapter

Powerful wifi long range adapter.
I have a private house that stands alone andNaturally about any Internet on optics, I never dreamed of. Now the truth is easier with the Internet thanks to 3g, but the cost of my decision completely suits me.
$ 25 adapter and 200 rubles for 512 kilobits per month provider.

Distance from me to a high-rise building with an antenna provider meters 800 on the map yandex.

somewhere about 1.5 years ago, I caught the network on the usual usb wifi whistle, though one division and the connection was not stable.
Now I have a full connection.

A box of children crushed:

back side

just stands on the windowsill. what pleases so is the long wire of usb meter 3. no additional power is required. You can probably fix and on the street. I did not find the screws to open, probably on the snaps.

Included was a disk with lunux for searching and hacking networks, not useful. Instructions.

big pictures: